Vivofit Reset – How to Reset Vivofit

Vivofit Reset – How to Reset Vivofit

The Vivofit is an extremely useful device, and it’s very well made.  However, there are some issues that may require to you to reset Vivofit in order to get it working again.  There are several reasons for wanting to reset your Vivofit device.  The problems you might have that will be resolved by a Vivofit reset include, but are not limited to:

  • Not able to synchronize the Vivofit with your computer
  • Not able to synchronize the Vivofit with your mobile device
  • Not able to synchronize the Vivofit with your iPhone
  • The error message, “Vivofit could not sync please try again”
  • Not able to pair your Vivofit via Bluetooth with your device or computer
  • A blank screen on your Vivofit
  • Incorrect information being displayed on your Vivofit
  • Not able to turn the Vivofit on
  • Not able to turn the Vivofit off

Why do a Vivofit reset?

These are some of the reasons that would prompt you to do a reset of your Vivofit device.

If the problem you are experiencing is with the Bluetooth pairing, before doing a reset of either device, you should try restarting Bluetooth on each.  You should also try turning off each device and then turning it back on before resorting to a reset of either the Vivofit or your device.  If you do a restart and it works, it will save you the time of setting up your device again that a full reset would cause you to have to do.  I have experienced a problem with Bluetooth from time to time where the Bluetooth will simply stop working, and it doesn’t start working again until it’s turned off and back on.  In these cases, however, I don’t have to reset it – I just have to restart it.  To clarify – a “reset” is an action that will clear something from the device – a “soft reset” clears memory, but doesn’t clear out data that is stored, like data that needs to be synchronized.  A “hard reset”, on most devices, restores the device back to the factory settings and deletes all settings and data.  The goal of a hard reset on a device is to return it to the condition and configuration it was when it was brand new.  Not all reset procedures accomplish this for all devices, but the hard reset for the Vivofit does.

How to do a Vivofit reset

There are two types of resets you can do to your Vivofit.  As I mentioned earlier, there is a “soft reset” and a “hard reset”.  Normally, you will want to start with a soft reset because a soft reset will not delete your data.  It will restart the Vivofit and clear the memory, but it will not affect the contents of the storage. Be aware however, that if you are having a problem with your Vivofit, it is possible that there is already something wrong with the data.  Data corruption may have caused the problem, or the problem may have caused the corruption.  In any case, if that has already happened, you cannot do anything about it now, so there’s no sense in worrying about it. Just start with the soft reset so that if your data is still OK, then it will still be there when the Vivofit is working again.

Vivofit Reset – Soft Reset

To perform a soft reset of your Vivofit, follow these steps:

  1. Hold button to put the Vivofit in SLEEP mode
  2. Press the button 5 times until it shows the firmware version (FW version)
  3. Hold the button until the Vivofit powers off

Vivofit Reset – Hard Reset

To perform a hard reset of your Vivofit, follow the steps below.  Keep in mind that a hard reset will completely reset the device to factory defaults.  All data will be erased and your settings will be cleared.  You will have to set the device up again after doing a hard reset.

  1. Hold button to put the Vivofit in SLEEP mode
  2. Press the button 5 times very quickly, holding it on the 5th press until it shows the firmware version (FW version) AND CONTINUE TO HOLD until the screen goes blank,
  3. Release and press the button quickly and HOLD until it restarts.
  4. The Vivofit will reset and when it restarts, it will be at factory settings

Once you have completed the Vivofit reset, you will have to treat it as a new device – there will be no data on the Vivofit, and none of your settings that were previously configured will be there.  It will not be paired with any devices, which is what you want right now.  Go through the normal procedure to pair the Vivofit as you normally would to use it.

Using Garmin Express for Vivofit Reset

There is a third choice for doing a Vivofit reset.  It is a little more complicated, but if you have had a problem completing the soft reset or hard reset procedures, especially if you already use Garmin Express, this may still work.  The timing of the button presses on the soft reset and hard reset can be a little tricky, so if you have had a problem completing them, don’t worry, using Garmin Express to do the reset is still possible, and it doesn’t require any special timing.  You just have to follow these steps carefully.  If you already have Garmin Express installed on your computer, then you are already half way there. In fact, if you already use Garmin Express, it could be a corrupt pairing in Garmin Express that is causing the problem in the first place. If you do not have Garmin Express installed on your computer, that’s OK, too.  I will include a link below to the software so you can install it on your computer.

Download and Install Garmin Express

Garmin Express is compatible with both Windows PC and with Mac OSX, but you must know which operating system you have so you can download the correct version to install.  If you don’t know which type of computer you have, find that out before you continue.  Then go to the following link to download and install the software.

Download Garmin Express

Download Garmin Express

Once you get to the download page, it may have detected your operating system already.  If that’s the case, click on the big blue button to “Download for…”.  If it has not detected the operating system correctly, then you can select the link that is under the blue button to take you to the version for your computer.  When the download completes, click on the file that downloaded to install Garmin Express for your operating system.

Delete Vivofit Pairing with Garmin Express

If you were already using Garmin Express, deleting your Vivofit from Garmin Express then pairing it again could resolve any syncing issue you have.

Perform the following steps to delete your Vivofit from Garmin Express. Once the device is deleted, you can pair it again using Garmin Express

  1. Launch Garmin Express.
  2. On the top left of the Garmin Express screen, be sure your device is showing.  If it is not showing, you will not be able to remove it!
  3. On the top right of the page, click on Device. It may be grayed out, but you can click it.
  4. Once you are on the Device page, next to the picture of your device, click on Delete Device from Garmin Express.
  5. A new window will appear.
  6. Select Remove from Garmin Connect.
  7. Select Confirm.

At this point, your Vivofit will be removed from Garmin Express and you should be back to the condition of your device and software from the factory.

Add Vivofit to Garmin Express

Whether you were previously using Garmin Express previously or not, you will need to perform this step to add your device to Garmin Express.  To add your device to Garmin Express, launch Garmin Express and then perform one of the tasks below.  You do not have to do both

Option 1

If you launch Garmin Express on your computer and you do not have any other devices added to Garmin Express, you should be prompted to click on the GET STARTED LINK.


  1. When prompted, connect your Vivofit to the computer
  2. Select Add Device and sync to your existing Garmin Connect account.

Option 2

If you launch Garmin express on your computer and you do already have a device added, you will not be prompted with the GET STARTED LINK. If this is the case,

On the top left of the page, you will see a picture of a device. Click on it.

A dropdown will appear – from that dropdown click on Add New Device.

Continue through the steps to add the device.

There are several problems that you could have with your Vivofit that will require you to take action to reset the Vivofit.  If you call Garmin, they will usually try to walk you through it briefly and then ask you to send it in for warranty repair.  In nearly all cases, you can avoid that warranty repair hassle by taking a few extra minutes to go through the reset yourself and know that you are doing it correctly.  Performing the soft reset may not cure your troubles, but if it doesn’t, the hard reset should.  In fact, a hard reset will solve 90% of all problems with your Vivofit.  Remember that when you do a hard reset, it will erase your data, but that data may already be gone.

Hopefully these instructions have saved you time, aggravation, money, or all of those things.  Resetting your Vivofit can get you back to your normal routine in no time.