Transfer Skype Contacts on Mac

You can send a contact’s details to another person during a conversation, so they can add the same contact to their contact list. This is an easy way to make sure that all your friends are connected on Skype.  It is also a good way to transfer your own contacts from an old Skype Account to a new Skype Account. To transfer Skype Contacts on Mac OSX:

  1. Start a conversation with the person you’d like to send contacts to. A conversation can be an instant message, a voice call or a video call.
  2. Click the paperclip icon button in the lower left side of the chat window and select Send Contacts…

fa10963_1[1] If you’re on a voice or video call, click the Add button fa10894_1[1]  and then click Send Contacts…

  1. In the Send Contacts window, type the name of the contact you’d like to send, or find them in the list and double-click their name. Selected contacts will appear in the top field.


  1. Click Send. An instant message appears confirming that the contact has been sent.

fa10963_3[2] The recipient can then add the contact(s) to their contact list.