Third Party not Accepting TiVo Manager Password

TiVo Manager Password isn’t working

tivo[1]I have a new TiVo through Midcontinent.  I want to hook up my TiVo to my Amazon account and it tells me I need my TiVo manager password.  I tried the password I set up to use on my TiVo account and it doesn’t work.  Is the manager password different and how to I set up a “manager” password?

Log in to your TiVo Manager Account

Your TiVo manager account is your online account with TiVo.  Make sure you can log into that here:
Tivo Manager Login

Confirm Device Activation

If you can, make sure that you have already activated your TiVo device here:
Activate your TiVo device here

Reset your TiVo Manager Account Password

If it still gives you problems, try resetting your TiVo account password here:
TiVo Manager Password Reset

Even  if you are able to log into your TiVo Manager and your device is registered, the third step may be necessary to re-synchronize your password across TiVo’s various authentication systems.

If you still have problems

If you have completed all three steps, then your TiVo account is probably OK.  In this case, the problem very likely lies with the company requesting your TiVo credentials, such as Amazon.  You can wait a while and try again – it’s possible that it will resolve itself – or you can contact the third party to have them correct the problem on their end.  If you make it clear to them that you know your TiVo account is set up correctly, they should be able to take corrective action to get it resolved.