Signing in to OverDrive Media Console with Adobe ID

After updating Overdrive Media console (OMC) on an iOS device such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you will be asked to sign in with an Adobe ID. Click Sign in, but if you have not signed in to Overdrive Media Console with an Adobe ID before, STOP there! Signing in to OverDrive Media Console with an Adobe ID is now required.

If you need an Adobe ID, now is the time to do it so it will associate with your Overdrive settings. Click on the “Get a free Adobe ID” button.

If you have an Adobe ID, but you don’t remember the password, select the “forgot password” link below the password field. Follow the instructions there to have an Adobe ID password reset link sent to your email address. This will be the same email address that you use as your Adobe ID. When you receive the password reset email, there will be a link labeled “this link”. The actual link will not be shown, but selecting the link from there should bring you to the page where you can do the reset. If you have any problems, do this from your computer to make it a little easier – open the email, right click on the link and select “properties” and copy the entire link, or select “copy link location” depending on the browser you are using, then past that entire link into the address of your browser and press enter. Once you have reset your password, you can return to the app and use that information to sign in. The email you receive for an Adobe ID password reset is only valid for 24 hours, so if you don’t get to doing the reset right away and it doesn’t work when you do, don’t worry – just go back to the password reset page and request the password reset again, then click the link in the new email.

If you were reading borrowed eBooks prior to updating OMC, sign in with the same Adobe ID you were using before the update to continue reading. Your email address should be pre-populated under ‘Please enter your Adobe ID.’

Forgotten passwords are emailed to you. If you’re unable to receive the ‘forgot password’ email, you can sign up for a new Adobe ID by tapping the
Get a free Adobe ID

If you are using a new Adobe ID, and can no longer open or download eBooks you were reading, please contact your library for support. If you’ve reached your maximum device activations for your Adobe ID, please contact Adobe Support to have your ID reset.