How to Reset Garmin Approach S1

Reset Garmin Approach

Reset Garmin Approach

How to Reset Garmin Approach S1

When you are having a problem with your Garmin Approach device, there are not many options you have for resolving the issue.  The one thing you can do that will solve just about any problem with a Garmin Approach S1, G3, G5, or G6 is a hard reset.

Why Reset Garmin Approach S1?

The issues you may experience that can be resolved with a hard reset, which is outlined below, include, but are not limited to:

  1. Not satellite signal – device cannot acquire a signal.
  2. Settings have changed which you cannot change back.
  3. Other instances of the device not functioning properly.

How to do the Reset of your Garmin Approach

To perform a hard reset of the Garmin Approach:

  1. Power off the Garmin Approach S1, G3, G5, or G6
  2. Place your finger on the upper left corner of the device display.
  3. While still holding your finger on the upper left corner of the display, power on the Garmin Approach
  4. The screen will display, “Do you really want to erase all user data? Yes/No”
  5. Release your finger from the display
  6. Select “Yes”
  7. The Garmin Approach will quickly go through the master reset procedure and will be ready to use in a few moments.  Once the reset is complete, it will take a while for the GPS to acquire a satellite signal.  You can facilitate this by leaving the Garmin Approach outside with a clear view of the sky.  The process to acquire the satellite signal the first time following a reset can take up to 20 minutes.  If the GPS doesn’t acquire a signal after 20 minutes, try repeating the reset procedure.

What Does the Reset of Garmin Approach Erase?

On the Garmin Approach G4, the reset will erase club averages that have been calculated.

On the Garmin Approach G6, the club averages will not be erased.  If you wish to remove them, you must manually delete the averages from each cub on the device.

Scorecards will not be deleted on any Garmin Approach device using this reset procedure.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the comments below.