Re-Install Maps and Software on Garmin GPS – Mac OSX

Garmin Express is a great tool to have if you have problems with your Garmin GPS or if you want to change the maps installed on the device, or where they are installed.  The software is available for both Windows and OSX.

You can use Garmin Express Software to re-install the system software and change the maps on your device.  You can also use Garmin Express to install maps directly to an SD Card in a GPS that supports them.  I’ve covered the steps separately to do this on a Windows computer.  Here, I will step you through the process on a Mac.

Download Garmin Express

You can download the full installation of Garmin Express on the Garmin Website:

Garmin Express Download

Install Garmin Express

  1. Click Download for Mac
  2. Open GarminExpress.dmg from the Downloads folder or download location
  3. In the new window, double click on the Install Garmin Express icon
  4. Follow instructions in the installer
  5. Once install is complete, close the installer
  6. Eject the Garmin Express mounted drive from Finder or the Desktop
  7. Open the Applications folder
  8. Double click on the Garmin Express icon

Step 1: Reinstall GPS System Software

  1. Connect the device to the computer
  2. Open Garmin Express
  3. From the menu, click the device icon.
  4. Click Reinstall Maps
  5. Select the map that you want to install

The Mac version of Garmin Express allows you to backup, restore, and re-install your software and maps on your Garmin GPS.

Step 2: (Optional) Change Map Coverage

To change the region of your map coverage from OSX, select the following options:

  1. Select change map
  2. Choose Select a region
  3. Click continue
  4. select map coverage region from list
  5. Click continue

Step 3: (Optional) Install Map to SD Memory Card

To install a map to an external memory card from your Mac (micro/SD Card), follow the steps below. You can do this at the same time you are changing your map coverage area.

  1. Select change coverage
  2. Select Use a micro/SD memory card
  3. Click continue

Step 4: Finish the Installation

  1. Click Start Installation
  2. You can monitor progress by clicking updates from the menu


Once the re-installation is complete, the device should start normally and have maps available for navigation.  If you selected the installation to micro/SD Card, the selected maps should now be on the card.  If the installation fails, make sure your SD card is formatted and that it is not write protected.