Pixel Security Patch Error

Google Pixel Security Patch Error

Google Pixel Security Patch Error

Pixel Security Patch Error

Google just released the July 5, 2017 monthly security patch for Android Nougat 7.1.2.

July 2017 Pixel Security Patch Error: Problem

A relatively small number of Google Pixel Owners had a problem installing  get the update, even though it did download (the update is an OTA update meaning “Over The Air).  The only explanation when it happens is an error message that says “couldn’t update”. If you get this error when installing the July 5, 2017 security update on your Pixel, don’t worry. If the update fails, it doesn’t change any files or configuration. It simply rolls back the update.

The update problem only occurs with the 61.1MB Google Pixel security update, and not with the slightly larger, 70.1MB Google Pixel XL OTA update.

July 2017 Pixel Security Patch Error: Solution

In a word, patience. If you have the Google Pixel or a Google Pixel XL and the OTA update has failed, it will not download again until the patch is fixed.  Google is aware of the problem and is correcting the issue.  When the security update is fixed, it will download and install to your phone. As with other OTA updates, this will happen without you taking any additional action as long as your update settings are set to the defaults.

In the meantime, you really aren’t missing anything. This month’s patches appear to be strictly security related and don’t contain any fixes or feature enhancements that would be noticable.

Basically, what you need to know is to just disregard the error message on the July 5, 2017 Pixel Security patch and be patient for the fixed patch to download. But if you are craving that extra little bit of information about the issue, you’re welcome to read the next paragraph.

According to Google, the problem with the OTA security update only occurs on specific subset of Pixel models, including units on T-Mobile, Project Fi, and Rogers that have downloaded build number NKG47M. International models and models sold by Verizon do not exhibit a problem installing the July 2017 OTA security patch.

  • Small update. As of today,.the July OTA security patch is NOT out to all Pixel device, so we will have to continue to be a little patient.