Library Book DRM Problem on Kobo e-Reader

If your Kobo e-Reader begins giving you problems with a library book that you had borrowed you may have to take the following steps to resolve it. For example, you renewed your book to keep it longer but your reader is acting like it’s expired.

The error you are receiving is generally caused by the Kobo Device and can be corrected with a factory reset. First, please try the reset from the menu:
You can reset to factory from the Home screen by going into Menu > Settings > Advanced > Reset Device Now.

If that doesn’t do it, then you can reset by turning off the device, then holding down the HOME button while turning it on. Answer yes at the prompt and then be patient for it to complete it’s reset.

After doing the reset, you may have to re-register the Kobo, but once you do this, the DRM should work properly. This can happen if there was an update on the Kobo that began and didn’t complete.

If the problem persists and you are using Adobe Digital Editions, uninstall ADE, restart your computer, and install ADE again.