Kindle Reset Procedures for all Kindles

Kindle Reset - How to fix your freezing kindle

Kindle Reset – How to fix your freezing Kindle

Kindle Reset Procedures for all Kindles

Among e-reader problems, especially Kindle e-reader problems, having to reset the Kindle, is one of the most common solutions.

There are Two Ways to Reset the Kindle

There is more than one way to do a Kindle reset.  In fact, There are two types of Kindle resets possible.  Each type of reset serves a different purpose.  It is usually best to try the soft reset first and see if that resolves the problem you are having.  And then if that doesn’t restore functionality, move on to the hard reset. The hard reset is also known as a factory reset.

Kindle Soft Reset

The first one, the Kindle soft reset is like it sounds – it’s a reset, but it doesn’t affect anything inside the Kindle in terms of data. All a Kindle soft reset is doing is making sure the Kindle turns off completely (something it rarely does under normal circumstances – normally, when you “turn off” your Kindle, you are really only turning off the screen on the Kindle, which is enough to minimize battery drain, but it doesn’t actually reset the Kindle in any way) and then turns back on with only the software that should be running at start. It’s very similar to restarting your computer. When it comes back up, it is often faster and better behaved, and the minor problems are often gone. This is because when you reset your Kindle, just like when you restart your computer, anything running in memory stops and is cleared out – and when you start up again, you are starting with only the programs in memory that are necessary for the computer – or in this case, the Kindle, to operate.

Kindle Hard Reset

The second type of reset is a hard reset. It’s not called a hard reset because it’s hard to do – it’s called a hard reset because it’s a HARD reset. This is also called a factory reset because it returns the Kindle to the state it was in when it left the Kindle factory. This doesn’t just turn the Kindle off and then back on – this RESET’s the Kindle back to the way it was when you took it out of the box – just as it came from the factory. Not set up, it doesn’t contain any of your books or your personal information. We do this with computers as well, in extreme conditions, but it’s not nearly as common as it is in e-readers. One of the reasons is that when you do a hard reset on an e-reader, there is usually nothing that you can’t get back on it in a few minutes. Since the extent of your personal data is e-books, and maybe things like bookmarks that are backed up to the Amazon Servers, data lost during a hard reset is only temporary. It will restore back to the device when it’s done.

Still, the soft reset is almost always the first step we take because if that solves it, there’s no need to go into any more depth, nor to take the extra time to reinstall apps and resynchronize purchases after the reset.

Issues Fixed by Hard/Soft Resetting the Kindle

There several issues than can be fixed by resetting the Kindle. The following issues can be fixed by resetting the Kindle.

  • The most common is a locked up, frozen or unresponsive e-reader. It’s also almost ALWAYS fixed by one of these resets. Unless the screen or some other part of the device is broken, this will take care of the problem without the need the expense of servicing or replacing the device.
  • Disappearing eBooks – Some Books that you are certain are in your Kindle Library suddenly vanish from it. It’s not you – in fact, it’s not anybody in particular. It’s just one of the things that happen with a Kindle sometimes.
  • Connection problems – If you have Wifi problems on your Kindle or a problem getting your Kindle connected in any way including a USB cable, resetting it will often correct the issue.

Resetting to Factory Defaults

Resetting a Kindle will restore the Kindle to its Factory defaults, just like what you see the on the Kindle when you open the box. This is also called a factory reset.

There a lot more issues that can be fixed by a Kindle Factory Reset. We recommend that you soft reset you Kindle first and see it fixes the issue. Please locate the link for the reset procedure and instructions for your Kindle below.

There’s something else a hard reset, or factory reset, does.

Delete User Data – Factory Resetting your Kindle also deletes all user data such as login credentials, passwords, bookmarks, highlighting, and furthest page read… If all your books are from Kindle, you probably don’t have to worry about this since it will all be synchronized back when you are done, you should at least be aware of it.

How to reset the Kindle 1

Kindle Reset

Kindle Reset

Kindle 1 is the first generation. It normally encounters issues from time to time. However, it can be fixed by a resetting your Kindle. We have written a comprehensive guide on how to reset the Kindle 1. This guide will show you how to properly and safely reset your Kindle. Note that this will restore your Kindle to Factory defaults which may lose your data and passwords. Make sure you have a backup of your files before proceeding.


Soft Reset

A Soft Reset on your Kindle 1 will only refresh your device to a responsive state. It will not erase or delete any user-data stored in your Kindle. It can also be applied to a frozen Kindle, which causes it to become unresponsive.


A soft reset only involves a few steps. The first thing you should do is turn your Kindle 1 “OFF”. Then open the back cover of your Kindle and remove the battery. After removing the battery, wait 1 minute, before putting the battery back into place. Then turn your Kindle back “ON” and see if it works.

A soft reset only allows any stored powered in your Kindle to drain out. This clears out any faulty memory stored in your Kindle 1’s RAM, which may be causing the problem. If it does not solve the problem, then you would have to do a Hard Reset/Full Reset on you Kindle 1.

Hard Reset / Full Reset / Factory Reset

Doing a full reset on your Kindle 1 will remove all data stored in your device and restore it to its original factory settings, which will be just like what you have when you first used your Kindle 1.


Kindle Reset

Kindle Reset

To hard reset your kindle, you want to make that the Kindle is turned “ON”. While it is ON, open the back cover of the device and look for the reset button (please see the image below for its location.)

After finding the reset button, look for a small and pointed object to press it with (a paperclip or pen is perfect) and press the reset button for 30 seconds or until the Kindle powers OFF. At this point, you do not have to do anything, all you need to do is wait for your Kindle while it reboots itself.


How to reset the Kindle 2

Kindle 2 Reset

Kindle 2 Reset

The Kindle 2 is a second generation Kindle. It is an improved version of the Kindle 1. There are times that you need to reset and restore to the factory settings of your Kindle 2. Resetting the Kindle 2 is usually applicable to unresponsive and frozen devices, and lost data/passwords. There are several steps to do this, and it should not take you 5 minutes to do so. Also, make sure to backup all your important data and files before proceeding with the reset procedure.

Soft Reset

Soft resetting the Kindle 2 is really simple. All you have to do is turn off the Kindle by holding the power button until it turns “OFF”. Once it’s off, wait a minute for it to boot up. If it does not turn ON automatically, just slide the power button to turn it ON manually.

Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset on your Kindle 2 will wipe out all user data, so make sure to make a backup of all your files before proceeding.

In order for you to hard reset you Kindle 2, all you have to do is slide and hold the power button for 30 seconds and release it then immediately press and hold the home button and wait for until the screen flashes. If done it correctly, The device should reboot itself to its factory defaults within a short time


How to reset the Kindle 3, also Known as the Kindle Keyboard.

Kindle 3 Reset

Kindle 3 Reset

Kindle 3 is a third generation Kindle and is also known as the Kindle Keyboard. It has built-in Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi___33 issues which can be resolved through a reset are common on this model. It usually requires a hard reset, but you should still try the soft reset first. It is still prone to freezing and becoming unresponsive in an unpredictable manner.

Note: There is no reset button for the Kindle 3.

Forgotten Password Reset

If for some reason you manage to forget you Kindle 3 password. You can easily reset it to a new password by just following a few instructions.

First, you need to press/slide the power and release it immediately so that the Kindle will turn OFF and go to a Sleep mode. Wait for it to ask for a password. When it does, type in, “resetmykindle.” It should reboot your Kindle and reset your password.

Soft and Hard Reset

To reset the Kindle 3 to its factory default settings and make it responsive again, all you need to do is press and hold the power button for 15-30 seconds and wait for the Kindle 3 to reboot. This will do a hard reset on the device.

How to Reset the Kindle DX

Kindle DX Reset

Kindle DX Reset

The Kindle DX is a fourth Generation Kindle with a 9.7″ screen, which is 3.7″ wider than the Kindle 2. It has also more storage which is capable of holding 3500 books. This large number of books can cause some responsiveness issues with this model which man necessitate a reset.


To reset the Kindle DX requires only that you press the power button for at least 20 seconds (until you see it reset) and wait for the Kindle to turn off. It should reboot itself to a responsive state.

Note: This is a hard reset to factory defaults, so it will erase your information. If you have any information that will not be resynchronized with the device when it is done, then you should back it up.

How to Reset the Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch Reset

Kindle Touch Reset

The Kindle Touch is a fourth generation Kindle and the first Kindle a touch screen that could be used to navigate menus and make selections. While this adds a great deal of convenience to the use of the device, it also carries with it some problems that may cause the owner of a Kindle Touch see more than their fair share of freezes and lockups. Fortunately, the resets still correct the problem. A frozen Kindle touch can be fixed by resetting, though your credentials and data may be lost through the entire process.

Hard and Soft Reset

The reset on this device and on many touch devices is a hard reset

  1. Make sure the Kindle is turned ON. This is an important step!
  2. Press the Power button for at least 20 seconds. It should turn off at about 20 seconds.
  3. Wait for it to reboot – wait a minute or two. If it doesn’t restart on its own, press the power button to turn it ON.
  4. Your Kindle should be back to a responsive state.
  5. You will have to go through the setup again and then synchronize to put your e-books and other data back on the device.


How to Reset the Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Reset

Kindle Fire Reset

One would think that by the release of the Amazon Kindle Fire, recovering from the inevitable freeze or strange problem would be in the forefront of the scenarios considered by the product team. One would be wrong. I don’t want to give the impression that the lockups and problems are Kindle Problems – they are problems with personal devices, at least for now. You may not know this, but so far your Kindle probably hasn’t truly been turned off since you took it out of the box and turned it on. Today’s personal devices go into “standby mode” so they can turn on immediately when you need them rather than “booting” up like your desktop computer. The benefits are tremendous – in fact, you might not even use an e-reader or an android phone if you had to wait two or three minutes after hitting the on the button to use it! But it also means they need to be restarted once in a while, and occasionally even reset.

The software on this device is Android OS and is probably the most stable Kindle on the market. But, as with all Android devices, it’s not going to go through its entire life without being restarted or reset. Troubleshooting such issue is still the same as its older counter parts, and can be fixed through a reset procedure on your Kindle. Make sure you make a backup of your files.

Hard and Soft Reset

The reset on this device is the same as the Kindle Touch because the operating system is also Android.

  1. Make sure the Kindle is turned ON. This is an important step!
  2. Press the Power button for at least 20 seconds. It should turn off at about 20 seconds.
  3. Wait for it to reboot – wait a minute or two. If it doesn’t restart on its own, press the power button to turn it ON.
  4. Your Kindle should be back to a responsive state.
  5. You will have to go through the setup again and then synchronize to put your e-books and other data back on the device.

Once you complete any of the hard resets, you will go through the setup of your Kindle again as you did when it was new. Then when you connect, you can download books that you already have in your library to the Kindle by just selecting them and sending them to the device. After that, everything should be back to normal (except working).




  • shannon wood

    my kindle 4th generation keeps turning on and off. i cant get to the home screen at all. ive tried hard reset and tried to reset to factory and its still not working. please help

  • Sandra De la Torre

    i have a kindle 3 and i have reset it twice and havent been able to get rid of the problem. Every time that i want to put my username and password to register, or do anything else it says that it cannpt connect to, or tjere is some.problems and im out of range. but im sure im noy, and i have tried in some other netwprks. i bought it 4-5 years ago and i have never used until now. Please help!!

    • It sounds like it isn’t connecting to your WiFi network to connect to the internet. Make sure you have the correct password for your WiFi network.

    • BTW, if you bought it 5 years ago, I’d suggest upgrading to a newer model before you even use it. Otherwise, it will be a painful experience. You’ll have to do manual firmware updates just to get it current enough to register on Amazon.

  • Roger Marble

    Kindle 3rd gen keyboard. Charge till green light on. Slide power switch and hold for 40 sec. Note left green light flashes twice at about 10 sec.
    Release slide switch Wait 1 min Slide switch but it does not turn on but it does show green light for few seconds. Ideas?
    Is there a min voltage from battery needed? If so what is it and where are test points?

    • Yes. Don’t know. Don’t know. And I don’t think that info would be easy to find. I would either replace the battery or (better option) replace the Kindle with a current model. They are very inexpensive now and it makes more sense to replace than repair most of the time.

  • VinIn CT

    My wife’s Kindle Touch just stopped responding. It would go to the bookstore or the screen saver, but would not return home. Couldn’t think of what to do so I googled “reset Kindle touch 4th generation and this page came up. I followed the steps and it worked beautifully. Great job. Thanks!

  • Patrick de

    Hello, i have a kindle fire, it wil reset and startup again but when i use my Amazon account (the same as on my other kindle) it said that it is not an amazon account, i’m for sure it is 100% correct, can you help me how te login so i can use that kindle? thanks

  • Suresh, You might have to replace the device, but it could also just need a battery. And since you’ve already opened it up, replacing the battery won’t be difficult. The reason you still see something on the screen is that this particular display is that no power is required to keep objects displayed on the screen. Power is only required to change what is displayed – when power is removed, whatever was on the display at the time will remain indefinitely. So a frozen display is an indication that there is no power.

    As for the battery – all rechargeable batteries will lose their effectiveness over time. Both age and the number of charge/discharge cycles are a factor in how this progresses. But in all cases, the technology we currently use in rechargeable batteries leads to a battery with a limited lifespan. It is very likely that the battery in your Kindle is no longer working, and when they fail, they fail completely. That’s why I recommend replacing it if you wish to keep that Kindle. However, it may be helpful to know that if you purchase a replacement Kindle, any content that you have purchased or downloaded to your Kindle will download to the new Kindle without a problem. Just use the same Amazon account you currently use when you set up the new Kindle.

  • Worked perfectly (2nd gen). Thank you.

    • Excellent! I’m glad to hear that. Thank you for coming by and providing an update.

  • Lynn

    What should I do if none of the resets seem to work? I have a second generation Kindle Fire that shut off while I was using it (at around 17% battery so it wasn’t a dead battery issue) and it has been unresponsive ever since. No charging light, hard reset changes nothing.

    • Lynn, this sounds like a hardware problem. You can try the 20 seconds holding the power button while it is plugged in. Also, I would try charging it overnight by plugging the USB cable into a computer. That will charge it even if the battery has run flat. Unlike a wall charger, it will only allow a small current to trickle charge into the battery and it might do the trick. If not then the Kindle will need to have he battery replaced or possibly have to be repaired. If that becomes necessary it can be sent to Amazon for the repair.

      • jonparks

        amazon doesn’t repair kindles any more

        • Of course they do! Why would you say that?

          • jonparks

            I called AMAZON and asked them to repair my kindle hdx 64gb and they said NO that’s why I said that. Repair shops say they are considered THROW AWAY devices now. I am out a lot of money now and would never buy another.

          • Everything you are saying is 100% false. Either you called the wrong number or you are just lying and busting balls. They absolutely will repair your Kindle. Of course, if it is out of warranty, you’ll have to pay for the repair. Maybe that’s what you’re mad about – you don’t want to pay for the repair because you’re a cheap bastard. Not everything can be free.

          • They might have told you it isn’t worth repairing an ancient Kindle.

  • Harry P. Nyce

    Ugh, I’m the worst. Just bricked the Kindle Fire HD 7″ (2013) 3rd Generation by trying to Debloat the apps which constantly were popping up in the background and crashing Star Wars Heroes two-three times per hour. I was side-loading those apps using “Amazon Fire Tablet Tool” from here at and now it appears to be stuck in a boot loop displaying only the “kindle fire” logo.

    Copied the files over using my regular plain old (NOT fastboot) USB cable and things sort of worked for the past month, downloading various APKs and installing from my Windows 10 Pro desktop pc. But now i’m dead in the water. Tried pressing and holding power & volume for 30-45 seconds to force a reset, but didn’t seem to cure the issue. Still stuck.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance. Finally removed the back cover, but am clueless how to proceed.

    • There is really nothing you can accomplish by opening it, unless it needs a new battery. Are you able to get into recovery or fastboot at all?

      • Harry P. Nyce

        Thank you kindly for the prompt reply. Finally managed to get into recovery mode and reset the Fire HD 7 to factory settings after being stuck in a boot loop. Is it at all possible to get my device into fastboot mode without having an actual fastboot cable? Just have a normal USB cable that I use to charge my various devices. Doesn’t appear that I have enough pieces and parts on hand to try to craft my own fastboot cable. =

        Sideloading apps now works again, but i’d really liek to try to root the device, or perhaps install some custom ROM (Cryo CM??). Maybe. Trying to feel out what is within the realm of my technical abilities. Fairly new to the Kindle world. The Amazon branded FireOS is terrible. Silk is awful, it’s all bad. I want to turn this into as real of an android device as possible. Any suggestions, hints, tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your time, sir.

        • That is great that you were finally able to do a reset through recovery.

          The regular USB cable should act as a fast boot cable as well. There is really no difference. But it is best to use the original USB cable that came with the device if you have it. You will need to be in fast boot mode to flash the various partitions on the Kindle. You might want to try the utility ADBFire (or FireADB, not sure). I know that will do the root on fireTV, but I’m not certain about fire tablets. It should since the OS is essentially the same. It’s a utility that just makes rooting and flashing Amazon devices much easier. It does the adb over the network.

  • its very awesome and useful post .i have a kindle device and now its facing some difficulties. you post get me rid out of this i think…

    • Great. Let me know how you made out and if you have any questions!

  • cristina lawyara

    You must take the help of Kindle customer services if you have some problems with the device. We encourage you to call our support team Toll Free 1-800-942-6509 in case you are in trouble.

  • Vic, were you able to do the reset?

  • Michael Hannigan

    Were you able to do the reset?

  • That should be covered in the instructions above. It’s basically the same for each one. If all else fails, hold the power for 20 seconds to do a complete reset. It should reset twice, the second time is a full reset.

  • vic

    how to reset 4th generation?

    • Sorry, Vic. I was in the process of migrating my site over to AWS EC2, and my comments were mangled in the process. Did you ever get your answer for completing a reset on the Kindle 4th generation?

  • Joel Chua

    I’ve not even known there was a Dalvic Cache. So, not yet. I’ll look it up. But the more pressing issue is my kindle fire HD isn’t being recognized on my PC.

    • Is this the same Kindle Fire that is in a boot loop, or a different device?

  • Joel Chua

    Does Hard Resetting a Kindle Fire remove the previously downloaded apps and user data stored in them?

    • Yes, it does. However, if you set it up again with the same account it will resynchronize with online accounts. If your intention is to wipe it because you are getting rid of it, then a factory reset will serve that purpose.

      • Joel Chua

        Thanks Michael. One important app with data was sideloaded onto my tablet… and I’m hoping to still salvage that data somehow as the app is not on cloud. Holding off a factory reset and trying to work my way around the boot loop.

        • Have you tried just wiping the Dalvik Cache from recovery?

          • Is this the same Kindle Fire that is in a boot loop, or a different device?

          • Joel Chua

            Same. I only have one Kindle Fire.

  • ihlehcaede

    I need to wipe a Kindle Keyboard, but your description is only for a soft reset. How to I do a Factory Reset?

    • The Kindle Keyboard will reset with the 20 second hard reset. To do the 20 second hard reset, press and hold the power on for a full 20 seconds. It will do two resets… the first will be at a few seconds – the second will be at 20 seconds. Once it turns off at the 20 second mark, wait for it to restart and reset. Once it does, you will have to go through the setup again. The Kindle Keyboard will be completely reset.