How to Reset Nook E-Reader

Nook reset

Nook Reset

Nook Reset Procedures for all Nooks

Among e-reader problems, especially Nook e-reader problems, having to reset the Nook, is one of the most common solutions. There is more than one way to do a Nook reset. In fact, There are two types of Nook resets possible. The first one, the Nook soft reset is like it sounds – it’s a reset, but it doesn’t affect anything inside the Nook in terms of data. All a Nook soft reset is doing is making sure the Nook turns off completely (something it rarely does under normal circumstances – normally, when you “turn off” your Nook , you are really only turning off the screen on the Nook, which is enough to minimize battery drain, but it doesn’t actually reset the Nook in any way) and then turns back on with only the software that should be running at start. It’s very similar to restarting your computer. When it comes back up, it is often faster and better behaved, and the minor problems are often gone. This is because when you reset your Nook, just like when you restart your computer, anything running in memory stops and is cleared out – and when you start up again, you are starting with only the programs in memory that are necessary for the computer – or in this case, the Nook, to operate.

The second type of reset is a hard reset. It’s not called a hard reset because it’s hard to do – it’s called a hard reset because it’s a HARD reset. This doesn’t just turn the Nook off and then back on – this RESET’s the Nook back to the way it was when you took it out of the box. Not set up, it doesn’t contain any of your books or your personal information. We do this with computers as well, in extreme conditions, but it’s not nearly as common as it is in e-readers. One of the reasons is that when you do a hard reset on an e-reader, there is usually nothing that you can’t get back on it in a few minutes. Since the extent of your personal data is e-books, and maybe things like bookmarks that are backed up to the Barnes & Noble Servers, data lost during a hard reset is only temporary. It will restore back to the device when it’s done.

Issues Fixed by Hard/Soft Resetting the Nook

There several issues than can be fixed by resetting the Nook. The following issues can be fixed by resetting the Nook.

  • The most common is a locked up, frozen or unresponsive e-reader. It’s also almost ALWAYS fixed by one of these resets. The only type of problem that cannot be corrected by this type of reset is a hardware problem – if some piece of hardware in the Nook needs to be replaced. This is uncommon, and this is almost always the solution that would correct an unresponsive e-reader.
  • Disappearing eBooks – Some Books that you are certain are in your Nook Library suddenly vanish from it. It’s not you – in fact it’s not anybody in particular. It’s just one of the things that happens with a Nook sometimes.
  • Connection problems – If you have Wifi problems on your Nook or a problem getting your Nook connected in any way including a USB cable, resetting it will often correct the issue.

Resetting to Factory Defaults

Resetting a Nook will restore the Nook to its Factory defaults, just like what you see the on the Nook when you open the box. This is also called a factory reset.

There are a lot more issues that can be fixed by a Nook Factory Reset. We recommend that you soft reset you Nook first and see it fixes the issue. Please locate the link for the reset procedure and instructions for your Nook below.

There’s something else a hard reset does.
Delete User Data – Resetting your Nook also deletes all user data such as login credentials, passwords, bookmarks, highlighting, and furthest page read… If all your books are from Barnes & Noble, you probably don’t have to worry about this since it will all by synchronized back when you are done, you should at least be aware of it.


How to Hard Reset/Factory Reset/Full Reset

The following procedure details how to perform a Nook factory reset on most models. A factory reset will deregister your device, removing all digital books and files, including side-loaded content. The titles you have purchased will remain in your account so they can be re-downloaded to the Nook after doing the setup. To do that part, you will simply use the same account to set the e-reader up with now that you used during your original setup.

  1. Confirm the device is powered off.
  2. Hold the Power and Home key simultaneously.
  3. Release the Power and Home key once the NOOK logo appears. A Factory Reset prompt will appear.
  4. To continue, press the Home key.
  5. To exit, press the Power key.

Once you’ve done the Factory reset, just go through the same setup you did when you original purchased the device. They sync your Book with your online content and it should be right back to the way it was (except it will be working now).