How to Reset a Control4 Home Controller HC-200, HC-300, HC-500

If you are getting an error message on your HC-200, HC-300, or HC-500, or if it’s simply not working, there are some steps you can take to reset the device that you should be aware of. In these steps for how to reset a Control4 Home Controllert, I’m using the HC-300 as an example, but the same applies for the other models.


Factory Restore Button

  1. To restore the HC-300 for system recovery to the factory default image, on the back of the device insert the end of a paper clip into the small hole (to the right of the Audio In jacks).
  2. Power cycle the device while pressing and holding the Factory Restore button.

After about 5 to 7 seconds, the Status LED will start blinking orange to indicate the start of the recovery process. After the Status LED starts blinking orange, you can release the button.

Identification Button – Network Defaults

  1. To reset to the network defaults, on the front of the device power cycle the HC-300 and hold the Identification button until the Data, Link, and Power LEDs are solid blue; immediately release the button.
  2. If during the boot sequence, the Status LED stays Orange, press and hold the Identification button until the LED blinks Blue, and then release it.