I Gave Birth to a Cryptokitties VAMPIRE!

Cryptokitties Vampire

Cryptokitties Vampire – the rarest fancy cat in the Cryptokitties Game


I just started playing this Cryptokitties game.  I’m obsessed not because it’s fun (although it is).  It’s that I missed getting rich on the Bitcoin Boom and I was hoping to make up for that somehow on the up-and-coming cryptocurrencies.

This seemed like a good way to learn more about blockchain technology and to learn what it’s like to use cryptocurrencies.  I know about them, and I know the terms associated with them, but I had never actually used any of them – it just seemed too complicated to be practical.  But I had a choice – I could work – or I could play Criptokitties and make the same amount of money.  Well, that was pretty far fetched, but hey, these kitties that I saw going for 0.02 Etherium the first day I looked, were going for 0.05 Ethermium on the second day, and 0.1 Etherium on the third day.  Not only that but if I didn’t get in on the first few days of gaming, my chances of having kitties in the single digit generations was close to zero.  there’s no way I was going to pay thousands of dollars for a Gen 0 digital pet.

So, I put in $100 USD and started breeding these things.  It’s pretty addictive.  In three days, I have over 30 cats, and just TODAY – like 10 minutes ago, I gave birth to a VAMPIRE!  I’ll spare you the details, but this “fancy” kitty is the rarest in the game.  Out of the first 100,000 kitties, there only 8 of them.  One of them that I found in the marketplace is selling for 100 Etherium.  At today’s exchange rate, that’s $40,000 USD!

That may not seem like a ton of money, but for three days work and $100, it’s probably the best return I’ve ever had on an investment. I have a headache, but I assure you, that will go away… IF I can stop playing Criptokitties.  I mean, how can I justify NOT playing Cryptokitties when I just gave birth to a $40,000 Vampire?  Who knows if it will ever sell for anything close to that – it’s basically just a number that means something on Cryptokitties.  But, maybe it will.  Maybe it will be worth 10 times that in a few weeks.

Anyway, if you want to take the excitement out of my hands and just buy my Cryptokitties Vampire, you can do it here:

Cryptokitties Vampire

Cryptokitties Vampire – the rarest fancy cat in the Cryptokitties game.



But I’m only listing it for 24 hours.  If it doesn’t go in the 24 hours I’ll probably just keep it and see if I become rich from it.  After all, that one and 30 other kitties only set me back a hundred bucks.  This is exciting!