Garmin Edge 500 Missing Software. Reformat Garmin Edge 500

Software Missing Garmin

Software Missing Garmin

Garmin Edge 500 Missing Software

How to Reformat a Garmin Edge 500

To format a Garmin Edge 500 after getting a “Missing Software” perform the following steps. This will reformat your device and install the software again.

To format your Edge 500:

1. If possible, attempt to backup your data with Garmin Connect ( )
2. Navigate to Start > (My) Computer*
3. If you are un-aware of your drive letter:
a. Unplug your device
b. Plug your Edge 500 into the computer
c. Note the drive letter that appears
4. Right-click on the Edge drive letter
5. Choose Format
6. If one of the below options is not present, disregard the instruction
7. Ensure FAT File system is selected (should be the default)
8. Ensure Allocation unit size is 2048 (should be the default)
9. Ensure Volume label is GARMIN
10. Ensure Quick Format is not selected
11. Ensure Create an MS-DOS startup disk is not selected
12. Click Start
13. Wait for the device to finish being formatted (this may take between 10-20 minutes)
14. While Waiting, Download and install WebUpdater ( )
15. Launch WebUpdater ( Start > All Programs > Garmin > WebUpdater )
16. Close the Formatting Window
17. Right-click on the device drive
18. Choose Eject
19. Power on your Edge
20. Wait for the device to power on completely
21. Plug your Edge 500 into the computer
22. Click Next to locate your device
23. If your device does not appear, Press Find Device
24. If update is present, Install Update
25. Press Next > to proceed to check for additional updates
26. Check Time Zone Map
27. Press Next > to install Time Zone Map
28. Agree to the above terms to proceed
29. Click Next
30. Wait to see Update to Time Zone Map was a Success
31. Click Finish
32. Navigate to Start > (My) Computer*
33. Right-click on the device drive
34. Choose Eject

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