Converting Music to From Wav or MP3 to MIDI

Converting Music to From Wav or MP3 to MIDI

While, you CAN do this, don’t expect perfection.  The original audio file doesn’t contain discreet information about the music.  Whatever software you use to convert to MIDI will attempt to create that information from the raw audio.  It will not be able to do it perfectly.  The success will differ based on the original audio.

The software you can use to do it is free.  You can download Audacity here:

Download and install Audacity to your computer. There are separate download links for Mac and Windows computers, so be sure to click the correct one. Make sure that the version you download is at least version 1.3.6, as that is when MIDI export capability was added.

Launch Audacity on your computer. Click “File” and select “Open” to open up your MP3 file in Audacity.

Click “File” and then “Export” once the MP3 file is open. This will open the “Edit Metadata” dialog box. Click “OK” to move to the next screen.

Locate the “Format” field and click on the pull-down menu. Select “Other uncompressed files” as your output type. Click the “Options” button to the right of this field. Select your MIDI output type and click “OK,” then click “Save” to convert the file. A screen will pop up as it converts, and you will see a progress bar on the screen. Once the conversion is complete, the screen will disappear. Look for the MIDI file in your Audacity folder.