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Email Client Settings for iCloud

IMAP email client with iCloud

The problem setting up iCloud with email client If you’ve tried setting up an email client to access your Apple iCloud email, you’ve probably run into a brick wall.  Since sometime in June, special requirements for email clients accessing iCloud have caused accounts that were working to stop working and for new setups to fail with the error […]

Possible Names for Android O – Comprehensive List

Android O Names

Possible names for Android O – Comprehensive List Many possible sweet names The possible names for Android O, soon to be Google’s newest version of it’s portable device operating system, are almost endless.  Historically, Google has named the operating system after something sweet; not always a dessert, but sometimes it is, unless you consider a […]

Guitar Pick – Indespensible Electronics Tool

Guitar Pick – Indespensible Electronics Tool I need to get to the capacitors inside monitor, but I’m having trouble with the plastic clips that hold the case together. I’ve got the screws out and the base off, but I don’t want to screw up the plastic by prying on the wrong spot  or in the wrong way. […]