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What Happens to Deleted Files?

What happens to deleted files?

  I was recently asked by someone with an iPhone why, after doing a restore to their iPhone with the wrong iPhone backup, he is unable to recover the files that are now missing on his device.  After all, “that’s what the police and the FBI do”. After all, “that’s what the police and the […]

How to SIM Unlock Any T-Mobile Phone Free

SIM Unlock Cell Phone

How to SIM Unlock Any T-Mobile Phone Free If you are trying to use a T-Mobile phone on the network of a different carrier, you must SIM Unlock the T-Mobile Phone before doing so. Why SIM Unlock a T-Mobile Phone? The reason you want to SIM Unlock a T-Mobile phone, or a wireless phone from […]

Force Android Oreo OTA to Pixel or Nexus

Enroll Pixel to Get Android Oreo OTA

Force Android Oreo OTA to Pixel or Nexus Android 8.0 Oreo has officially been released and it’s already starting to roll out to Pixel and Nexus Devices.  But as you know if you’ve waited for an update before, the day it is released is often nowhere near the day you will actually receive it on […]

Essential Phone Shipping by August 23

The Essential Phone is shipping within 7 days!  That puts the shipping date at August 23.   This is breaking news. Check back for updates as they become available. Related posts: Google Contact Information Why I am Ditching TrueCaller How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S4 – T-Mobile SGH-M919 and AT&T SGH-I337 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 […]

Email Client Settings for iCloud

IMAP email client with iCloud

The problem setting up iCloud with email client If you’ve tried setting up an email client to access your Apple iCloud email, you’ve probably run into a brick wall.  Since sometime in June, special requirements for email clients accessing iCloud have caused accounts that were working to stop working and for new setups to fail with the error […]

Adobe Ends Flash Support in 2020

Adobe Ends Flash Support

Adobe Ends Flash Support in 2020 The news that Adobe has finally set a date to discontinue support for their Flash multimedia platform will come to some as good news and as an impending deadline to others. The news that Adobe will stop supporting Flash by the end of 2020 means more work for many […]

Pixel Security Patch Error

Google Pixel Security Patch Error

Pixel Security Patch Error Google just released the July 5, 2017 monthly security patch for Android Nougat 7.1.2. July 2017 Pixel Security Patch Error: Problem A relatively small number of Google Pixel Owners had a problem installing  get the update, even though it did download (the update is an OTA update meaning “Over The Air). […]

Fix Pixel WiFi Problem

Fix Google Pixel WiFi Problem

Fix Pixel WiFi Problem UPDATE (7/26/2017):  It is now almost three weeks since I have taken this simple step on my Google Pixel XL, and the Wifi has been working flawlessly since. I’d have to call this solution confirmed, but without a reason that I can explain! What is the problem? There are many possible problems […]

Possible Names for Android O – Comprehensive List

Android O Names

Possible names for Android O – Comprehensive List Many possible sweet names The possible names for Android O, soon to be Google’s newest version of it’s portable device operating system, are almost endless.  Historically, Google has named the operating system after something sweet; not always a dessert, but sometimes it is, unless you consider a […]