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How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10

How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10

How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10 Although this article is about taking a Screenshot in Windows 10, and the examples given are from a Windows 10 computer, the methods listed here for taking a screenshot in Windows 10 will work for all currently supported versions of Microsoft Windows. Supported versions of Windows are […]

‘Offline’ Printer Status Message On HP Printer

Printer Offline

‘Offline’ Printer Status Message On HP Printer The Offline printer status message displays on the computer and the printer does not print. An Offline printer condition indicates that the computer is not able to communicate with the printer. The offline printer message can appear for several reasons.  It is shown when the printer is powered off, […]

Internet Explorer Slowing to a Crawl From Recent Updates

IE Slowing to a Crawl

If your Internet Explorer browser just slowed down (I mean, slowed down to something slower than the usual snail’s pace, there is a known reason for it. Last week, Microsoft released two security patches in their regular updates that you have probably installed, either knowingly or automatically. Microsoft already reports that, “web applications that implement […]

Disable and Remove Protexis Licensing Service

Extracting Protexis

WTF is Protexis Licensing Service? I was doing my regular semi-annual bi-weekly checkup of my computer today – looking through all the things that I have running, trying to find out which ones I need, which ones I don’t need, which ones Microsoft put there without adequate documentation, which ones I might need, which ones […]

Canon Color Network ScanGear in Windows 8

Scan to Windows 8 with the Canon ImageRunner Series

Canon Color Network ScanGear in Windows 8 This article is primarily for the purpose of walking through the installation of network scanning functionality for the Canon ImageRunner series of multi-function devices.  I will cover the installation for Windows in general, but my reason for writing the article is that installing Color Network Scangear on Windows […]