How To Change Payment Information for Google Play

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

This article will describe how you can easily change payment information for Google Play.  If you are getting a message related to payments being declined or a need to update your payment information when you try to make a purchase in the Google play store either on Android or your computer, this is what you need to do.  I’ve included QR codes to show how cool I can be, and to make things extremely convenient for you if you wish to go to these links on a mobile device without leaving this page on your computer.

Google Play payments are based on your payment methods defined for your Google Wallet.

You can add or edit your credit/debit card payment and billing address information at any time in your Google Wallet.


Find out how to add, edit, or delete your linked bank account information here.


Sign in to your account at


Click Payment methods along the left side of the page.

Click Edit next to the card you would like to change. Once you’ve made the desired updates, click Save.

If you’d like to use this card as your default payment method, click Set as default next to the card.

Click Save.

Note: Adding or updating your payment information in your Wallet account will not result in any previously declined orders being charged to the new/updated card.

If you received an email from Google Wallet notifying you about a failed charge, you must update your payment information through the link provided in your email.