Garmin Rino Repair

Garmin Rino Repair

Garmin_Rino610_650_655tShould I repair my Garmin Rhino myself,  or should I send it to Garmin for repair?


Make: Garmin Rino
Model: 520hcx

The radio on my Garmin Rino 520 hcx is in disrepair. I can transmit but can’t receive.
This has become a valuable tool for me and I would love to get it repaired. Is there something that I can do to repair this or do I need to send it in for repair.


While for most electronics items,  I would encourage you to attempt a repair yourself,  consumer electronics that have a radio component,  particularly one that broadcasts on FCC regulated frequencies,  are a bit different.  Many people are unaware that the FCC aggressive enforces the laws for which it is responsible. And,  a sizeable fine being levied against an unexpecting “Average Joe” is surprisingly common. Let me put it this way – if the radio isn’t fixed to spec,  and you end up using licenced frequencies,  even without being aware of it,  your chance of being fined $5000, $10000, or even more is probably greater than your chances of getting a speeding ticket if you drive over the speed limit by a conservative amount (say, 9mph over – remember “Nine,  you’re fine; Ten you’re mine”)  during that same period.
For that reason,  on something like this, I would have it repaired by Garmin. Considering potential fines for radio equipment that isn’t functioning correctly, it is cheaper in the long run. You don’t want to be the guy telling the story about the FCC coming down on you.   Admittedly, the story does have a substantial “cool factor” among friends,  but not $5000 worth.  Also, even if it is out of warranty, Garmin offers reasonable flat rates for repair. You can see the prices and instructions on what to do next at the following page:

Garmin Out of Warranty Support
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