Month: June 2012

PXE Boot for a Sun Sparc 120

The server needs to have the rarpd, tftpd, bootparamd, and nfsd servers installed. The boot process follows the following steps: discoveres the IP address through RARP; fetches the boot-loader through TFTP; determines the root filesystem with bootparams; and mounts the root filesystem through NFS. RARP The Sun machine gets its IP address using RARP from […]

MediSoft Version 11 Claims Being Rejected Due to Failure in Compliance Upconversion

Medisoft Version 11 Service Pack 4 Medisoft Version 11 Service Pack 4 includes the following corrections: Fixes the slow patient statement issues. Electronic Statement Summary Reports would not print. Error: “Field The_Count not found” when converting data to Version 11. Ambulance fields would not save in Medisoft Advanced. Custom case data will now save in […]