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Send to Kindle Through Email – Easy Document Transfer

Send to Kindle Through E-Mail There are several ways to can get your own document or book to a Kindle e-reader device. Some of them require a few steps, while others require a certain type of computer or connection. But you can send to Kindle through E-mail without any of that.  All you need is […]

Kindle Fire HD File Transfer

Transferring files to and from your Kindle Fire HD will allow you to read, listen, or watch on the go. Kindle Fire HD File Transfer is not difficult to do once you have it set up and working. At that point it’s just a matter of copying the media that you desire to the device […]

How to Transfer a Book to Kobo with ADE

The following steps show you how to transfer a book to Kobo with ADE.   1.    Plug in your Kobo eReader to your computer. 2.    Make sure that your Adobe Digital Editions library is open on your desktop computer. 3.    Select “Manage Library” function on your Kobo eReader. 4.    Watch as the Kobo eReader icon […]

How to Transfer Books to a Sony e-Reader

If you have not already done so, download a book from the Reader™ (eBook) Store or from your download books folder. Connect the Reader Digital Book to the computer. Start the Reader Library software. In the left pane of the of the Reader Library software, click to select Library. There are two methods: Drag and […]