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How to Reset Nook E-Reader

Nook reset

Nook Reset Procedures for all Nooks Among e-reader problems, especially Nook e-reader problems, having to reset the Nook, is one of the most common solutions. There is more than one way to do a Nook reset. In fact, There are two types of Nook resets possible. The first one, the Nook soft reset is like it sounds […]

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Galaxy Grand Prime

Why Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime? There are many reasons you may want to reset a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.  It could be because the Android device isn’t performing properly.  It may be locking up or getting slowed down by applications that have been installed since you purchased the phone.  The most common reason, however, […]

Garmin Reset Procedures – All GPS Models

Garmin Reset Procedures – All GPS Models Why Reset a Garmin GPS? Garmin GPS Hard Reset vs Garmin GPS Soft Reset Procedures to Reset Garmin GPS The Garmin Reset Procedures in this article covers all automotive GPS devices from Garmin as of this writing. The reset procedures are broken down by model groups. These groups […]

Master reset nuvi 30, 40, 50, 52, and 54 series

Reset Garmin Nuvi 30 Series GPS

Master reset nuvi 30, 40, 50, 52, and 54 series If you arrived directly to this master reset nuvi page through a search engine or other referral, you should take a moment to read the introduction information on Garmin GPS Master Resets first, then return here to complete the reset.  The general articles covers some […]

Reset Procedure for Brother Printers

Reset Procedure for Brother Printers

  Reset procedure for Brother Printers If you own a Brother Printer, you will eventually need the Reset procedure for Brother Printers. Brother HL series printers, and Brother printers in general are notorious for their desire to stop you from printing once the printer decides that it’s time for you to replace one of it’s internal […]

Reset Samsung Galaxy Device

Reset Samsung Galaxy Device

Reset Samsung Galaxy Device If you forgot your pin to unlock your phone, or if your device has a problem that is preventing you from booting up to a usable state, you may have to Reset your Samsung Galaxy Device.  You can do a master reset even if you cannot access the device menus.  That […]

How to Reset a Samsung Security DVR

How to Reset a Samsung Security DVR Why Reset a Samsung Security DVR? If you have forgotten your admin password on a Samsung Security DVR, most experts would suggest that you have to contact Samsung and/or send it back to Samsung to have the administrator password reset.  While this is true in some cases, it […]

How to Reset an iPhone

Reset Device

How to Reset an iPhone There are many possible reasons for needing to know how to reset an IPhone.  Among them are: iPhone frozen or locked up iPhone apps not working correctly iPhone cannot start iPhone rebooting But there are too many to count here. There are also many kinds of resets, including full resets, and […]

How to Reset a Control4 Home Controller HC-200, HC-300, HC-500

If you are getting an error message on your HC-200, HC-300, or HC-500, or if it’s simply not working, there are some steps you can take to reset the device that you should be aware of. In these steps for how to reset a Control4 Home Controllert, I’m using the HC-300 as an example, but […]

Roku Reset – How to Fix a Freezing Roku

Roku Reset – How to Fix a Freezing Roku Although the Roku 2 is a great little device– they have to ability to bring media from a variety of sources to your TV without Cable, Antennas, or large monthly bills – they do have their flaws. My HD Cable DVR locks up once in a while […]