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Reset Procedure for Brother Printers

Reset Procedure for Brother Printers

  Reset procedure for Brother Printers If you own a Brother Printer, you will eventually need the Reset procedure for Brother Printers. Brother HL series printers, and Brother printers in general are notorious for their desire to stop you from printing once the printer decides that it’s time for you to replace one of it’s internal […]

‘Offline’ Printer Status Message On HP Printer

‘Offline’ Printer Status Message On HP Printer The Offline printer status message displays on the computer and the printer does not print. An Offline printer condition indicates that the computer is not able to communicate with the printer. The offline printer message can appear for several reasons.  It is shown when the printer is powered off, […]

Reset Printing System on Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

Reset Printing System OSX 10.7

If you’ve tried troubleshooting your printer problem on Mac OSX and you still can’t get it to work, you can still do a reset of the printing system.  You should use this as a last resort since when you perform a reset printing system on Mac, it will clear your printer configurations and remove any printers you have […]

Reset Ink Absorber Full Message on Canon MP160

The following procedure will reset ink absorber full message on the Canon MP160. Power the printer off, but leave it connected to power. Press and hold STOP/RESET Turn power ON Press and hold Power Press STOP/RESET twice Release all buttons – you are now in Service Mode The on light will be green. Each time […]

Update: Scanning from an HP All-in-One

Scanning from an HP All-In-One

Scanning from an HP All-in-One (AIO) Scanning from an HP All-in-one can be more challenging than printing to an HP All In One.  The reason is that when you are printing, you have a single printer just waiting for input from any other device. The other device can be a computer or it can even […]

I had a paper jam – Now I Can’t Print

A Quality? InkJet Printer

    Had a paper jam and now can’t print I had a paper jam which I dealt with but now my printer is printing only blank pages. Can you help? First, let’s talk about some of the things that can happen to a printer during a paper jam that can cause problems even after […]