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How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Galaxy Grand Prime

Why Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime? There are many reasons you may want to reset a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.  It could be because the Android device isn’t performing properly.  It may be locking up or getting slowed down by applications that have been installed since you purchased the phone.  The most common reason, however, […]

How to Reset a Samsung Security DVR

How to Reset a Samsung Security DVR Why Reset a Samsung Security DVR? If you have forgotten your admin password on a Samsung Security DVR, most experts would suggest that you have to contact Samsung and/or send it back to Samsung to have the administrator password reset.  While this is true in some cases, it […]

Nook is asking for a Password

Your Nook is asking for a password When you go to the Wi-Fi settings it appears to be disconnected from your Wi-Fi network. You have re-entered your Wi-Fi password, but the Nook isn’t reconnecting. There are a couple of things you can do. You can do a restart of the device and if that doesn’t […]