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Amicus Brief of Intellectual Property Law Professors in Support of Google and Affirmance ~pj

Bit by bit, the amicus briefs on behalf of Google in the Oracle v. Google appeal about the uncopyrightability of Java APIs are becoming available. They are all interesting in different ways, but they all agree — Oracle is wrong on the law and if it prevails, it will be a sad day for innovation. […]

Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Funds File Amicus in Support of Google in Oracle v. Google Appeal ~pj Updated

The remarkable outpouring of support for Google in theOracle v. Google appeal continues, with a group of well-known innovators, start-ups, and those who fund them — innovators like Ray Ozzie, Tim O’Reilly, Mitch Kapor, Dan Bricklin, and Esther Dyson — standing with yesterday’s group of leading computer scientists in telling the court that Oracle’s attempt […]

EFF Files Amicus Brief in Oracle v. Google Appeal – Finally, Computer Scientists Speak ~pj Updated

An amazing collection of the leading computer scientists in the world have joined together to stand with Google and against Oracle in theOracle v. Google appeal about APIs, and they ask the court to affirm Judge William Alsup’s decision that the Java APIs are not copyrightable. It’s in an amicus brief [PDF] that EFF has […]

Google Files Appeal Brief and Cross Appeal in Oracle v. Google ~pj Updated 3Xs

Google has now responded to Oracle’s appeal in the Oracle v. Google API copyright case. Plus it adds its own cross appeal. It’s fascinating. We’re working on a text version for you, but in the meantime, I’ll show you the introduction. I’d sum it up like this: The Java API isn’t a work of imaginative […]