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Internet Explorer Slowing to a Crawl From Recent Updates

If your Internet Explorer browser just slowed down (I mean, slowed down to something slower than the usual snail’s pace, there is a known reason for it. Last week, Microsoft released two security patches in their regular updates that you have probably installed, either knowingly or automatically. Microsoft already reports that, “web applications that implement […]

Microsoft Announces Total Reversal of “Always-Online” Policy

Microsoft announces total reversal of always online policy today. Microsoft just announced a TOTAL reversal of the controversial policies it announced on May 21st, 2013 regarding the New XBOX One. Because of what we can only assume is the consumer reaction to the unbridled arrogance of Microsoft during it’s announcement of the new “device” the […]

Microsoft’s Amicus Brief in Support of Apple in Appeal of Posner Ruling – A Change in Tune on Injunctions

Microsoft has now filed an amicus brief in support of Apple in the appeal of Judge Richard Posner’s ruling in which the judge tossed out both Apple and Motorola’s claims with prejudice, saying neither had proven damages andsaying injunctive relief when there was no demonstrable harm would be against the public interest. Interestingly, Microsoft here […]

Microsoft Assigns Six Patents to Patent Troll Vringo — Is This an Antitrust Issue? ~pj Updated

Is Microsoft’s motto ‘Always Be Evil’? Look at this report from Joe Mullin at ars technica on Microsoft’s latest patent scheming: Some days $30 million seems like a lot of money, and other days it’s just a bit of a letdown. Vringo is a once-upon-a-time ringtone company that’s now basically a holding company for search […]

Microsoft v. Motorola, Part 2, Will Be a Jury Trial, Aug. 26

The next phase of the Microsoft v. Motorola litigation in Seattle will begin on August 26th. It will be a jury trial, as Motorola requested. I hope some of you are nearby and can attend. This will be the part about Microsoft’s claims of breach of contract based on its assertion that Motorola violated a […]

Cannot Reply to or Delete Email from Outlook List View

Outlook.com is an absolutely terrible interface. I don’t hate many things, but I HATE all this cartoonish mobile-phone looking crap that Microsoft is forcing down everyone’s throat. This is one of the biggest of all their many recent failures – moving from the Hotmail interface to this stupid, ugly, and childlike cartoon-looking page that’s impossible […]

The Novell v. Microsoft Hearing at the 10th Circuit – Eyewitness Report

Our own Justin Ellis attended today’s hearing at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on Novell’s appeal in Novell v. Microsoft. This is the antitrust litigation Novell brought over WordPerfect. He has a report for us. He begins with his general impressions, and then provides his notes on the arguments. To help you follow along, […]

The Microsoft v. Motorola Order on RAND, as text, plus Some Appeal Issues

I’ve found some materials that I think will help us to put the order [PDF] from Judge James Robart in context, the order setting a RAND rate for Microsoft to pay Motorola. From the materials, particularly this report [PDF] from a conference on patent pools and standards bodies held in Brussels in April, 2012, I […]