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Garmin Reset Procedures – All GPS Models

Garmin Reset Procedures – All GPS Models Why Reset a Garmin GPS? Garmin GPS Hard Reset vs Garmin GPS Soft Reset Procedures to Reset Garmin GPS The Garmin Reset Procedures in this article covers all automotive GPS devices from Garmin as of this writing. The reset procedures are broken down by model groups. These groups […]

Garmin Rino Repair

Garmin Rino Repair Should I repair my Garmin Rhino myself,  or should I send it to Garmin for repair?   Make: Garmin Rino Model: 520hcx The radio on my Garmin Rino 520 hcx is in disrepair. I can transmit but can’t receive. This has become a valuable tool for me and I would love to […]

Does Heat Effect the Life of a GPS?

Many people have asked me, “Does heat effect the life of a GPS?” Theoretically the maximum operating temperature is 185F. And they usually withstand temperatures much higher than that (as you are not the first person to leave your GPS in windshield – heck, people in Rhode Island do it with their kids once in […]

How to Calibrate a TomTom GPS

Prepair Step 1 Experiment with your TomTom to establish how far out of calibration it is. See how far to the left or right your finger must be for the correct function to be selected. Do the same again, for the up-and-down orientation. Make detailed notes; they’ll come in handy later. Step 2 Shut off […]