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“Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful”

When trying to SIM Unlock your Samsung device, If you get an error message that says “network unlock request unsuccessful”, don’t worry.  It’s an easy error to fix if you know how. Of course, you must have the code given to you by the original provider of the locked phone (or the equivalent if you have purchased […]

Check Tracfone Airtime on Smartphones

Tracfone Minutes Balance App for Android

Check Tracfone Minutes Balance on Smartphones You can check your Tracfone Minutes Balance right from your phone. But it doesn’t show by default, so take these simple steps to show the information.  There are several ways to Check Tracfone Minutes Balance – these are a few of the easiest. On the Glory, as well as […]

Reset Yahoo Password When you don’t Have a Cell Phone Backup on File

Email Password Reset

Reset Yahoo Password There is a way around this problem though so please carefully follow my instructions. Make sure you read through these instructions before attempting them so you understand what needs to be done. You must fill out a ticket to contact yahoo support, when this is done properly you will receive an incident […]

How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S4 – T-Mobile SGH-M919 and AT&T SGH-I337

Galaxy S4 Service Menu

How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S4 SGH-M919/SGH-I337 Update 27 Feb, 2016: These methods to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S4 do not work with recebt firmware versions. Fortunately, if you have a T-Mobile variant, you can now easily unlock it using their unlock app, as long as it is eligible. And their eligibility requirements are very minor. […]

New Nexus 5 Leaked Details Pictures Diagrams

Nexus 5 Leaked Sketch

I recently got my hands on the Service Manual for the new Nexus 5 that hasn’t quite been announced yet.  It’s being made by LG, and the service manual divulges some very interesting specifics, including what it looks like, what cameras it will have, memory, storage and many other things.  First, here’s what it will […]

Mistakes on Mobile Site Design that Will Destroy Your Rankings

Google Page Rank

Common mistakes on Mobile Site Design   Mistakes on your mobile optimized website can cost you in search rankings. Following are some of the most common mistakes people when configuring their site for mobile devices.  Making one or more of these mistakes on your mobile site can cause you to not show up in search […]

How to Sync Google Calendar with Android Device

Google Calendar Icon

The Common Problem with Android’s Calendar Depending on the Android device you have and the version of Android, you might be a little confused by How to Sync Google Calendar with Android and get the same items to show up on your device and in your Google Account.. For example, on a Samsung device with the […]

New Boost Mobile Terms and Conditions

With the “odd” timing of the announced rules to the Boost Mobile Terms and Conditions in their Mobile voice and data contract, we saw the opportunity to make a quick comparison to find out if anything in this change provides additional information about what might be their involvement in the recently uncovered Government PRISM Program.  […]

Kindle Reset Procedures for all Kindles

Kindle Reset

Kindle Reset Procedures for all Kindles Among e-reader problems, especially Kindle e-reader problems, having to reset the Kindle, is one of the most common solutions. There are Two Ways to Reset the Kindle There is more than one way to do a Kindle reset.  In fact, There are two types of Kindle resets possible.  Each […]

HTC One Mega and Mini on the Horizon

We already know that the HTC One Mini is official and will compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.New reports reveal that the rumored HTC T6 could be a Key Lime Pie-running 5.9-inch handset meant to compete directly against the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung. @evleaks, Tweeted on May 27, 2013 that “The upcoming […]