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Send to Kindle Through Email – Easy Document Transfer

Send to Kindle Through E-Mail There are several ways to can get your own document or book to a Kindle e-reader device. Some of them require a few steps, while others require a certain type of computer or connection. But you can send to Kindle through E-mail without any of that.  All you need is […]

There is no Email Program Associated to Perform the Requested Action on HP Scanner

HP OfficeJet 8500A

There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. This error is most common with the HP OfficeJet 8500 Series Multi-Function devices. Perform the following procedures. If one set of steps doesn’t solve the problem, continue until the problem is correct and the error is no longer present: Step 1 If you are […]

How to Set Firefox as Your Default Browser if Thunderbird Won’t Open Links

There are two steps you must complete in order to set Firefox as your Default browser in Windows. It is often necessary to do both of these steps if you are having a problem opening links directly from your Thunderbird email. Just setting the default browser from within the Firefox settings is not enough to […]