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How to Reset Nook E-Reader

Nook reset

Nook Reset Procedures for all Nooks Among e-reader problems, especially Nook e-reader problems, having to reset the Nook, is one of the most common solutions. There is more than one way to do a Nook reset. In fact, There are two types of Nook resets possible. The first one, the Nook soft reset is like it sounds […]

Reset Adobe Photoshop Preferences

Reset Adobe Photoshop Preferences

Reset Adobe Photoshop Preferences Why Reset Adobe Photoshop Preferences? If you are having a problem with Adobe Photoshop not starting on your computer, it may be a simple matter of the preferences file being corrupt. If that’s the case, clearing it out will correct the problem. By clearing it out, I mean that you can Reset […]

Garmin nüvi 300 Freezes “Looking for Maps”

If you have a Garmin nüvi 300 series GPS or similar Garmin device and it freezes on the message “Looking for Maps” or without a message on startup, there are some steps you can take to correct the issue, provided the hardware itself hasn’t failed. First, do a master reset: Note: A masterreset will erase […]