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How to Reset an iPhone

Reset Device

How to Reset an iPhone There are many possible reasons for needing to know how to reset an IPhone.  Among them are: iPhone frozen or locked up iPhone apps not working correctly iPhone cannot start iPhone rebooting But there are too many to count here. There are also many kinds of resets, including full resets, and […]

Microsoft’s Amicus Brief in Support of Apple in Appeal of Posner Ruling – A Change in Tune on Injunctions

Microsoft has now filed an amicus brief in support of Apple in the appeal of Judge Richard Posner’s ruling in which the judge tossed out both Apple and Motorola’s claims with prejudice, saying neither had proven damages andsaying injunctive relief when there was no demonstrable harm would be against the public interest. Interestingly, Microsoft here […]

Apple’s Stupid Patents It Wants to Use Against Samsung’s Galaxy S4

The judge in Apple v. Samsung II asked the parties to narrow their claims, so they did but now Apple would like to add more claims [PDF], specifically to include the Galaxy S4. Samsung just sold 10 million S4s in less than a month, and Apple’s hair must be on fire. Would you like to […]

UK Bank Holiday & US Memorial Day Offers!

United Kingdom Castaluna: Get £10 off orders £30+ and free delivery on orders £75+ with code: 4741.  Valid until 26/05/2013 Cult Beauty: Be sure to promote their current fab promotions, including free delivery on orders £50+, and free gifts with purchase!  Limited time only! Currys: – Get 5% off  all desktops including refurbs (excl. Apple) with code: 5DESK01 – Get […]

Motorola Files Reply Brief in Appeal of Judge Posner’s FRAND Decision in Apple v. Motorola

The beat goes on in the Apple v. Motorola appeal of Judge Richard Posner’s ruling dismissing both parties’ claims with prejudice, saying neither was entitled to damages or an injunction. Both are appealing, but for different reasons. Motorola has now filed its redacted reply brief [PDF] in response to Apple’s response and reply brief [PDF]. […]

Blackberry Tells the Federal Circuit Judge Posner Got It Wrong Re No Injunctions for FRAND Patents in Apple v. Motorola

Blackberry’s amicus brief [PDF] is now made public in the Apple v. Motorola appeal of Judge Richard Posner’sorder which seemed to say that if you own FRAND patents, you have no right to seek an injunction under any circumstances. But that is not how folks understood their rights back when they volunteered their patents for […]

Google, Red Hat, HTC, SAP and Rackspace Seek to File Amicus in Apple v. Samsung Appeal

Google, Red Hat, HTC, SAP America, and Rackspace have asked leave of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals to file an amicus brief [PDF] in the Apple v. Samsung appeal. That’s on the first case., the one Samsung lost but has been whittling down a bit in post-trial motions. Here’s the issue they’d like to […]

Judge Koh’s Order in Apple v Samsung: No Stay on Damages Retrial, Unless…

Judge Lucy Koh has reached a decision [PDF] on going forward on the retrial on damages in Apple v. Samsung. Trial is set now for November 12th, on damages only, same Daubert rulings, motions in limine, discovery disputes, and evidentiary objections ruled on the same as the first trial, meaning if she made mistakes in […]