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Possible Names for Android O – Comprehensive List

Android O Names

Possible names for Android O – Comprehensive List Many possible sweet names The possible names for Android O, soon to be Google’s newest version of it’s portable device operating system, are almost endless.  Historically, Google has named the operating system after something sweet; not always a dessert, but sometimes it is, unless you consider a […]

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Galaxy Grand Prime

Why Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime? There are many reasons you may want to reset a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.  It could be because the Android device isn’t performing properly.  It may be locking up or getting slowed down by applications that have been installed since you purchased the phone.  The most common reason, however, […]

Exclude Source for Google Now News Feed Rolled Out

Exclude specific sources from Google Now News Feed

Exclude Source for Google Now News Feed Rolled Out Up until now, you had limited ability to control what news stories showed up in your Google Now news feed. They were always “interest based”, but considering how much data Google keeps on your (and my) interests, the news it had been bringing to my attention […]

Reset Samsung Galaxy Device

Reset Samsung Galaxy Device

Reset Samsung Galaxy Device If you forgot your pin to unlock your phone, or if your device has a problem that is preventing you from booting up to a usable state, you may have to Reset your Samsung Galaxy Device.  You can do a master reset even if you cannot access the device menus.  That […]

“Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful”

When trying to SIM Unlock your Samsung device, If you get an error message that says “network unlock request unsuccessful”, don’t worry.  It’s an easy error to fix if you know how. Of course, you must have the code given to you by the original provider of the locked phone (or the equivalent if you have purchased […]

How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S4 – T-Mobile SGH-M919 and AT&T SGH-I337

Galaxy S4 Service Menu

How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S4 SGH-M919/SGH-I337 Update 27 Feb, 2016: These methods to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S4 do not work with recebt firmware versions. Fortunately, if you have a T-Mobile variant, you can now easily unlock it using their unlock app, as long as it is eligible. And their eligibility requirements are very minor. […]

How to Sync Google Calendar with Android Device

Google Calendar Icon

The Common Problem with Android’s Calendar Depending on the Android device you have and the version of Android, you might be a little confused by How to Sync Google Calendar with Android and get the same items to show up on your device and in your Google Account.. For example, on a Samsung device with the […]

HTC One Mega and Mini on the Horizon

We already know that the HTC One Mini is official and will compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.New reports reveal that the rumored HTC T6 could be a Key Lime Pie-running 5.9-inch handset meant to compete directly against the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung. @evleaks, Tweeted on May 27, 2013 that “The upcoming […]