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Amazon CPM Ad Reporting Down

Amazon CPM Ad Reporting Broken

Amazon CPM Ad Reporting Down If you are currently experiencing a problem with Amazon CPM Ad reporting in your Amazon Associates account, you are not alone.  The problem appears to be widespread.  Users (including me) began experiencing what appeared to be a sharp decline in reported impressions (not just fills) around March 22nd.  As of […]

Identify Which Kindle E-Reader You Have

Identify your kindle

Identify Which Kindle E-Reader You Have As of this writing, there are seven generations of Kindle E-Reader by Amazon.  This may not seem important until you need help with your Kindle.  Then, the first question someone will ask is, “Which Kindle do you have”? That’s a tough question to answer, when every Kindle in the […]

Amazon Giveaway. Free Entry!

Amazon Giveaway. Instant Winners. No Purchase Necessary.

Amazon Giveaway. Free Entry! I just started an Amazon Giveaway that will continue until the prizes run out.  It’s free to enter – just follow this link and click on the box to see if you are an instant winner! If you win, reply here and let me know – Amazon doesn’t provide any details […]