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Amazon Prime Day Results – Sales Up 30% Year Over Year

Amazon Prime Day Results Despite what you’ve heard repeated from the source Channel Advisor regarding Amazon’s Prime Day sales – they reported that Amazon Prime Day sales were “flat” year over year in the US – Amazon reported as of this afternoon that they were seeing an increase in sales of 30% over last year […]

John Stamos Netflix Apology

John Stamos Netflix Apology

John Stamos Netflix Apology When I turned on my TV to continue catching up on season 4 of House of Cards, I was faced with the John Stamos Netflix Apology video.  It’s not something I would normally be interested in, but I couldn’t help myself.  It looked very serious and spoke of a deep, heartfelt […]

Amazon CPM Ad Reporting Down

Amazon CPM Ad Reporting Broken

Amazon CPM Ad Reporting Down If you are currently experiencing a problem with Amazon CPM Ad reporting in your Amazon Associates account, you are not alone.  The problem appears to be widespread.  Users (including me) began experiencing what appeared to be a sharp decline in reported impressions (not just fills) around March 22nd.  As of […]

Exclude Source for Google Now News Feed Rolled Out

Exclude specific sources from Google Now News Feed

Exclude Source for Google Now News Feed Rolled Out Up until now, you had limited ability to control what news stories showed up in your Google Now news feed. They were always “interest based”, but considering how much data Google keeps on your (and my) interests, the news it had been bringing to my attention […]

Garmin Rino Repair

Garmin Rino Repair Should I repair my Garmin Rhino myself,  or should I send it to Garmin for repair?   Make: Garmin Rino Model: 520hcx The radio on my Garmin Rino 520 hcx is in disrepair. I can transmit but can’t receive. This has become a valuable tool for me and I would love to […]

Amazon Giveaway. Free Entry!

Amazon Giveaway. Instant Winners. No Purchase Necessary.

Amazon Giveaway. Free Entry! I just started an Amazon Giveaway that will continue until the prizes run out.  It’s free to enter – just follow this link and click on the box to see if you are an instant winner! If you win, reply here and let me know – Amazon doesn’t provide any details […]

China Requesting Help in Hacking Bulgarian Computer Systems

Brainchamber Blog

This might sound silly, but in the context of what I do professionally every day it really isn’t.  I received a request today that originated in China.  The request was to help this person (or these people – I will refer to them as the “customer”) to hack into the computer systems at the Ministry […]

Really Cheap Ways to Stay in New York

I know that you come here looking for information that you haven’t already thought of, so I’m trying to be a little creative. There’s no shortage of information out there that proclaims to tell you about cheap ways to stay in New York, so I have to tell you something different.  I’m not sure if […]

UK Bank Holiday & US Memorial Day Offers!

United Kingdom Castaluna: Get £10 off orders £30+ and free delivery on orders £75+ with code: 4741.  Valid until 26/05/2013 Cult Beauty: Be sure to promote their current fab promotions, including free delivery on orders £50+, and free gifts with purchase!  Limited time only! Currys: – Get 5% off  all desktops including refurbs (excl. Apple) with code: 5DESK01 – Get […]