OmniPage Pro Scan Option Not Available

If you are using OmniPage or OmniPage pro and you suddenly run into a problem where the OmniPage Pro Scan Option is not available, it might not be obvious how to get it back.  Or if you’re just installing the software and you only get the option to “load” but not to “scan” under the file menu, you might be scratching your head over how to tell OmniPage about your scanner.

This can happen if you’ve recently upgraded your scanner or all in one device, or if it’s your first time installing the software and it just doesn’t know about your scanner yet.  Since OmniPage uses it’s own scanner drivers by default, it’s not always as simple as just picking a scanner.  But it is almost that simple once you know where to look.

The trick is finding and using the OmniPage Scanner Setup Wizard.  You can access this from within the program or from your Windows Start Menu.  Here’s how…

  1. Choose Start > All Programs > ScanSoft OmniPage 16 > Scanner Setup Wizard or click the Setup button in the Scanner panel of the Options dialog box. or choose Scan in the Get Page drop-down list in the OmniPage Toolbox and click the Get Page button.
  2. The Scanner Setup Wizard starts. If you have a web connection, the first panel invites you to update the scanner database supplied with the wizard. Choose Yesor No and click on Next.
  3. Choose ‘Select and test scanner or digital camera’, then click Next. If you have a single installed scanner, it appears, along with any scanners previously set up with OmniPage. If the required scanner is not listed, click Add Scanner… .
  4. You see a list of all detected scanner drivers in the checkmarked categories. This can include network devices. Select one and click OK. To install a second device, you must run the Scanner Wizard again.
  5. The wizard reports whether the chosen scanner model already has settings in the scanner database. If it does, you do not need to test it. If it does not, you should test it. Click on Next.
  6. If you chose not to test, click Finish. If you chose testing, click Next to have the scanner connection tested. If the connection is in order, you see a menu of further tests. Choose which testing steps you want to run. The Basic test scan is recommended.
  7. By default OmniPage uses its own scanning interface, located in the Scanner panel of the Options dialog box. If you want to use your scanner’s own interface instead, you can make the change in the advanced settings dialog.

Your scanner should now be available in OmniPage under File>scan from now on.  The only reason this should ever change is if you replace your scanner or all in one device.