How to Enable TiVo Multi-Room Viewing

Tivo Multi-Room Viewing

Tivo Multi-Room Viewing

If you have more than one TiVo DVR, it’s possible to transfer a show recorded on one to a DVR in a different part of your house – if you know how.  I’ve seen discussions about how to enable TiVo multi-room viewing and suggestions included making the media keys the same and some other things, but it’s actually not that difficult.  In fact, TiVo allows you to do it – no hacking required.  In order to watch what is recorded on one box on a different TiVo box doesn’t require the media keys to be the same.  In fact, that would cause problems – but you can still do it.  You have to change the preferences in your TiVo account to allow it.  Here’s how:

1. Log into My Account.  You can get instructions on how do to that here if you aren’t familiar with it: How Do I Log into Manage My Account?

2. Click Change Device Preferences.

3. Click on the box under Video sharing and Enable video downloads on DVRS to allow Multi-Room Viewing. A check mark in the box denotes that you can transfer content over your home network between DVRs (Multi-Room Viewing), or to a computer (TiVoToGo). You can turn this setting on or off without incurring any charges, but it will take a little time for it to take effect.  To enable, make sure this option is checked.

4. Click Save Preferences.  If you don’t save your preferences before navigating away from this page, the configuration change will not take place!

NOTE: Before having this change available under your account, all DVRs using Multi-Room Viewing will need to have connected to the TiVo service.  Once you make the changes it may take up to 24 hours to take effect. For more information on using the Multi-Room Viewing option once it’s enabled, see Getting Started with Multi-Room Viewing.

Once this does take effect, you should be able to copy from one to the other without a problem.