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Guitar Pick – Indespensible Electronics Tool

Guitar Pick – Indespensible Electronics Tool I need to get to the capacitors inside monitor, but I’m having trouble with the plastic clips that hold the case together. I’ve got the screws out and the base off, but I don’t want to screw up the plastic by prying on the wrong spot  or in the wrong way. […]

Microsoft Announces Total Reversal of “Always-Online” Policy

Microsoft announces total reversal of always online policy today. Microsoft just announced a TOTAL reversal of the controversial policies it announced on May 21st, 2013 regarding the New XBOX One. Because of what we can only assume is the consumer reaction to the unbridled arrogance of Microsoft during it’s announcement of the new “device” the […]

Microsoft® XBOX 360 Tier One Distributors

XBOX 360 Logo

You may have found yourself wondering at some point, “Where do Xbox 360 Consoles come from?” or thinking, “I would really like to have a ton of XBOX 360’s” or, “I wish I had an extra console for every time I get the RROD on my 360”. If you ever need an astonishingly large number […]