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‘Offline’ Printer Status Message On HP Printer

‘Offline’ Printer Status Message On HP Printer The Offline printer status message displays on the computer and the printer does not print. An Offline printer condition indicates that the computer is not able to communicate with the printer. The offline printer message can appear for several reasons.  It is shown when the printer is powered off, […]

A Word about Viruses and Malware: Don’t blame me

A Word about Viruses and Malware: Don’t blame me. I often help people when they have a problem.  That’s when they come to me.  The problem with that business model is that they are often already frustrated, and what I am going to tell them, at least initially, isn’t going to make them a whole […]

Internet Explorer Slowing to a Crawl From Recent Updates

If your Internet Explorer browser just slowed down (I mean, slowed down to something slower than the usual snail’s pace, there is a known reason for it. Last week, Microsoft released two security patches in their regular updates that you have probably installed, either knowingly or automatically. Microsoft already reports that, “web applications that implement […]

Disable and Remove Protexis Licensing Service

Extracting Protexis

WTF is Protexis Licensing Service? I was doing my regular semi-annual bi-weekly checkup of my computer today – looking through all the things that I have running, trying to find out which ones I need, which ones I don’t need, which ones Microsoft put there without adequate documentation, which ones I might need, which ones […]

OmniPage Pro Scan Option Not Available

If you are using OmniPage or OmniPage pro and you suddenly run into a problem where the OmniPage Pro Scan Option is not available, it might not be obvious how to get it back.  Or if you’re just installing the software and you only get the option to “load” but not to “scan” under the […]

How to Burn an Audio CD in Windows Vista and Windows 7

In this article, you will learn how to burn an audio CD in Windows Vista and Windows 7. How you burn a disc in Windows will depend on what you are trying to accomplish.  There are two types of CDs you can burn – a data CD and an audio CD.  A data CD is simply […]

How to Reset Password on Windows Computer

Retrieve your missing password

In this article, you will learn how to reset the password on a Windows computer. When an operating system first comes out, if you forget the Admin password, you are often out of luck.  But as time passes, we develop the ability to circumvent security and find a way to reset the password.  So even […]

Canon Color Network ScanGear in Windows 8

Scan to Windows 8 with the Canon ImageRunner Series

Canon Color Network ScanGear in Windows 8 This article is primarily for the purpose of walking through the installation of network scanning functionality for the Canon ImageRunner series of multi-function devices.  I will cover the installation for Windows in general, but my reason for writing the article is that installing Color Network Scangear on Windows […]

Re-Install Maps and Software on Garmin GPS – Windows

Garmin Express

To deal with major problems or coverage changes to your Garmin GPS, Garmin Express software is a good tool to have in your back pocket. You can use Garmin Express Software to re-install the system software and change the maps on your device.  You can also use Garmin Express to install maps directly to an […]

Kindle Fire HD File Transfer

Transferring files to and from your Kindle Fire HD will allow you to read, listen, or watch on the go. Kindle Fire HD File Transfer is not difficult to do once you have it set up and working. At that point it’s just a matter of copying the media that you desire to the device […]