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Software is a generic term for organized collections of computer data and instructions, often broken into two major categories: system software that provides the basic non-task-specific functions of the computer, and application software which is used by users to accomplish specific tasks.

Re-Install Maps and Software on Garmin GPS – Windows

Garmin Express

To deal with major problems or coverage changes to your Garmin GPS, Garmin Express software is a good tool to have in your back pocket. You can use Garmin Express Software to re-install the system software and change the maps on your device.  You can also use Garmin Express to install maps directly to an […]

How to Set Up a New Outlook Profile for Exchange in Outlook 2013

Echange 2013 Icon

This article describes how to set up a New outlook profile for exchange in Outlook 2013.  An Outlook Profile  collection of settings that connect your computer to the Exchange server.  The creation of a new profile provides a “fresh start” opportunity that can help solve nagging problems, which may be the result of a corrupt profile.  An Outlook […]

Problems Embedding PDF Files in Web Pages

There are numerous threads on the internet about problems embedding PDF files in web pages. Many of them are because they are embedded from Google Docs. Google Docs seems to arbitrarily compress photos inside the document with absolutely horrifying results. If that’s the case with your embedded PDF, the fix is pretty easy. Following is […]

Macro to Insert Rows in Excel Based on a Value

Excel Macro

Conditional formatting in Excel can do many things. But if you need to take action on certain conditions, like if you need to Insert rows in excel based on a value, you will have to do that in a macro.  This can seem a little tricky at first if you aren’t used to writing macros, […]

How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Firefox

If you need to recover deleted bookmarks in Firefox, you shouldn’t be in too much trouble. If you’ve just done it, then CTRL+Z or going to the bookmarks window, clicking on Organize, and selecting Undo will revert what you just did. But even if you didn’t just delete them, in Firefox you have the ability […]

How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome

If you’ve accidentally deleted your Chrome bookmarks, you may still be able to recover deleted bookmarks in Chrome – at least if you deleted them recently. Chrome contains a single bookmark backup file that is overwritten each time you launch Chrome. So if you don’t realize you deleted it right away, you might be out […]

Removing a Watermark on an Adobe Acrobat PDF

Delete Watermark Object

It’s common to encounter the problem when removing a watermark on an Adobe Acrobat PDF document using the method you expect. There are different ways to create watermarks on PDF documents.  They can be created from within Acrobat, within other programs, or even programmatically.  If they weren’t added as a standard Watermark in a Professional […]

Move Email Data to a Different Folder in Eudora

There are a few ways you can move your email data to a different folder in Eudora. There are two steps to this. One is to tell Eudora where you want it to store email from now forward, and the second is to put your existing email in that place. It just so happens that […]

Cannot See Pictures in Eudora Email 7

Cannot See Pictures in Eudora Email 7 If you cannot see pictures in Eudora Email 7, there are several things that could be causing the problem.  There are several variables to consider if you cannot see pictures in Eudora Email 7 because it could be caused by a number of things.  There are various reasons […]

Email Server Settings for

If you are setting up in an email client, you’ll need the email Server Settings for  If you are trying to set up your email in a client other than Windows Live, you might run into a problem with your login failing or other errors. For some reason, some clients seem to […]