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A computer is a device that accepts information (in the form of digital data) and manipulates it for some result based on a program or sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed.

Best Notebook Displays of 2016

Best Notebook Displays of 2016 For me, THE most important aspect of a new notebook evaluation is the display. It directly impacts the amount of work I can get done in a given period of time and the amount of fatigue I’ll experience (or not, or even joy) in the process. These are the 25 best […]

A Word about Viruses and Malware: Don’t blame me

A Word about Viruses and Malware: Don’t blame me. I often help people when they have a problem.  That’s when they come to me.  The problem with that business model is that they are often already frustrated, and what I am going to tell them, at least initially, isn’t going to make them a whole […]

How to Fix a Paper Jam Error When There isn’t a Jam

How to Fix a Paper Jam Error When There isn’t a Jam It is possible for a damaged sensor to cause a persistent paper jam message when there isn’t a jam. But first, let’s exhaust all other possibilities. Take a piece of card stock or something similar, and, with the printer unplugged, force it through […]

Send to Kindle Through Email – Easy Document Transfer

Send to Kindle Through E-Mail There are several ways to can get your own document or book to a Kindle e-reader device. Some of them require a few steps, while others require a certain type of computer or connection. But you can send to Kindle through E-mail without any of that.  All you need is […]

Transfer Skype Contacts on Mac

You can send a contact’s details to another person during a conversation, so they can add the same contact to their contact list. This is an easy way to make sure that all your friends are connected on Skype.  It is also a good way to transfer your own contacts from an old Skype Account […]

Internet Explorer Slowing to a Crawl From Recent Updates

If your Internet Explorer browser just slowed down (I mean, slowed down to something slower than the usual snail’s pace, there is a known reason for it. Last week, Microsoft released two security patches in their regular updates that you have probably installed, either knowingly or automatically. Microsoft already reports that, “web applications that implement […]

Steps to Protect Yourself from Heartbleed

Protect yourself from Heartbleed

Protect yourself from Heartbleed Heartbleed is an OpenSSL vulnerability that allows anyone to access and read encrypted data sent between your computer and a server; disclosing usernames, passwords, and other confidential information. Heartbleed was discovered and patched April 7th, 2014. This bug was introduced in OpenSSL version 1.0.1, which was released March 2012.[1] Find out […]

Error Code 3527 On Kodak Hero Printer

Hero 5.1 Printer

Lift the printer access door, then remove the ink cartridges from the printhead. NOTE: If the printhead does not move to the center position, press Home, then Maintenance on your printer. Check if the Install Ink Cartridge option is available. If so, select Install Ink Cartridges, press OK, and follow the instructions. Otherwise do the following: […]

How to Do Word Mail Merge with Excel Spreadsheet

Word Excel Merge

With Microsoft office, you can easily integrate data from an Excel Spreadsheet into a Word document or an email through Word. In Word, open a new document. Click Mailings > Start Mail Merge, and then click the kind of merge you want to run. Click Select Recipients > Use Existing List. Browse to your Excel […]