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Transfer Skype Contacts on Mac

You can send a contact’s details to another person during a conversation, so they can add the same contact to their contact list. This is an easy way to make sure that all your friends are connected on Skype.  It is also a good way to transfer your own contacts from an old Skype Account […]

Re-Install Maps and Software on Garmin GPS – Mac OSX

Software Missing Garmin

Garmin Express is a great tool to have if you have problems with your Garmin GPS or if you want to change the maps installed on the device, or where they are installed.  The software is available for both Windows and OSX. You can use Garmin Express Software to re-install the system software and change […]

Reset Printing System on Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

Reset Printing System OSX 10.7

If you’ve tried troubleshooting your printer problem on Mac OSX and you still can’t get it to work, you can still do a reset of the printing system.  You should use this as a last resort since when you perform a reset printing system on Mac, it will clear your printer configurations and remove any printers you have […]

How to Reset a Locked iPad or iOS Device


These steps will help you quickly reset a locked iPad or other iOS device such as an iPhone or iPod Touch. Connect the device to the computer with which you normally sync and open iTunes. Connecting the device may result in this error message: “iTunes could not connect to the [device] because it is locked […]

Kindle Fire HD File Transfer

Transferring files to and from your Kindle Fire HD will allow you to read, listen, or watch on the go. Kindle Fire HD File Transfer is not difficult to do once you have it set up and working. At that point it’s just a matter of copying the media that you desire to the device […]

How to Sync Google Calendar with Android Device

Google Calendar Icon

The Common Problem with Android’s Calendar Depending on the Android device you have and the version of Android, you might be a little confused by How to Sync Google Calendar with Android and get the same items to show up on your device and in your Google Account.. For example, on a Samsung device with the […]

Four Ways to Right Click on a Mac

  There is no native mouse “right click” functionality on the Mac. In fact, at one time, if you were to say “right click” to a Mac user, they would have told you with no uncertainty that you cannot right click on a mac. That’s because a Mac mouse has traditionally only had one button, […]

How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Firefox

If you need to recover deleted bookmarks in Firefox, you shouldn’t be in too much trouble. If you’ve just done it, then CTRL+Z or going to the bookmarks window, clicking on Organize, and selecting Undo will revert what you just did. But even if you didn’t just delete them, in Firefox you have the ability […]

Removing a Watermark on an Adobe Acrobat PDF

Delete Watermark Object

It’s common to encounter the problem when removing a watermark on an Adobe Acrobat PDF document using the method you expect. There are different ways to create watermarks on PDF documents.  They can be created from within Acrobat, within other programs, or even programmatically.  If they weren’t added as a standard Watermark in a Professional […]

Do I Have to Switch to the New Yahoo! Mail?

Do I have to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail? “Get Erection Strong” vs. “Need Good Erect” To find out how to switch, scroll down. Do I have to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail? YES. You must. Of course you have to. Yahoo is giving you no choice in the matter. But only if […]