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Using Exchange Server as Internal Relay

IT Problem You want to allow another internal server to send email through your exchange server, either exchange 2007 or exchange 2010. Sometimes people need to for backups, allowing your backup server to email admins with a backup report. Or maybe an internal sql server sending reports to people.   IT Solution This is fairly […]

Send to Kindle Through Email – Easy Document Transfer

Send to Kindle Through E-Mail There are several ways to can get your own document or book to a Kindle e-reader device. Some of them require a few steps, while others require a certain type of computer or connection. But you can send to Kindle through E-mail without any of that.  All you need is […]

How to Do Word Mail Merge with Excel Spreadsheet

Word Excel Merge

With Microsoft office, you can easily integrate data from an Excel Spreadsheet into a Word document or an email through Word. In Word, open a new document. Click Mailings > Start Mail Merge, and then click the kind of merge you want to run. Click Select Recipients > Use Existing List. Browse to your Excel […]

Reset Hotmail Password or Live Password When Automated Reset Fails

Hotmail Password Recovery

Reset Hotmail Password If you have already attempted to recover your account and they have denied access, it can be very difficult if not impossible to get the account back if you cannot verify with the form. I have spent many hours researching the options and have helped hundreds of Hotmail users that are in […]

Reset Yahoo Password When you don’t Have a Cell Phone Backup on File

Email Password Reset

Reset Yahoo Password There is a way around this problem though so please carefully follow my instructions. Make sure you read through these instructions before attempting them so you understand what needs to be done. You must fill out a ticket to contact yahoo support, when this is done properly you will receive an incident […]

How to Set up Exchange Server to Relay SMTP

How to Set up Exchange Server to Relay SMTP There are times when you will need servers or devices (like multifunction copiers or managed backups) to send email to an address outside your network.  In an Exchange environment, sending email to domains outside the organization is usually handled by the properties of the user logged […]

How to Set Up a New Outlook Profile for Exchange in Outlook 2013

Echange 2013 Icon

This article describes how to set up a New outlook profile for exchange in Outlook 2013.  An Outlook Profile  collection of settings that connect your computer to the Exchange server.  The creation of a new profile provides a “fresh start” opportunity that can help solve nagging problems, which may be the result of a corrupt profile.  An Outlook […]

How to Sync Google Calendar with Android Device

Google Calendar Icon

The Common Problem with Android’s Calendar Depending on the Android device you have and the version of Android, you might be a little confused by How to Sync Google Calendar with Android and get the same items to show up on your device and in your Google Account.. For example, on a Samsung device with the […]

Do I Have to Switch to the New Yahoo! Mail?

Do I have to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail? “Get Erection Strong” vs. “Need Good Erect” To find out how to switch, scroll down. Do I have to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail? YES. You must. Of course you have to. Yahoo is giving you no choice in the matter. But only if […]