How to Reset a Samsung Security DVR

Samsung Security DVR Reset

Samsung Security DVR Reset

How to Reset a Samsung Security DVR

Why Reset a Samsung Security DVR?

If you have forgotten your admin password on a Samsung Security DVR, most experts would suggest that you have to contact Samsung and/or send it back to Samsung to have the administrator password reset.  While this is true in some cases, it is not always necessary.  Many Samsung Security DVRs have a built-in reset that will allow you to wipe the devices settings and reset the configuration, including the administrator password.  Note that if you perform one of these resets, all settings will be erased and you will have to setup the DVR again.  So you should only do this as a last resort – but to reset an admin password, the last resort is the only option.

Reset Procedures for Samsung Security DVRs

There is more than one reset procedure for Samsung Security DVRs, depending on the series and model.  But in total, this only amounts to a handful.  Since one reset can apply to several different models, I’ll provide the resets here so you can try them on yours – I won’t associate any one reset with a single model, because a complete list of which works with what model Security DVR simply doesn’t exist.  Some of these won’t make sense based on the buttons available on your unit or your remote, so in those cases, just skip that reset procedure.  If you can perform a reset (in other words, if the instructions match what you have available on your Samsung Security DVR and/or Samsung Security DVR Remote), try it, and let us know in the comments if it works and on what model.  If you tell us which model Samsung Security DVR you have, along with your results of each reset procedure, we can compile a complete list of reset procedures by model so that it will be easier for those seeking this information in the future to reset their Samsung Security DVR. Also, if you have a reset that you have used and you know works, let us know and we will add it here.  I will update the list of Samsung Security DVR resets/recoveries as I encounter them.  So if one of these doesn’t work for you, you may want to check back occasionally.  In fact, if you leave your model number in the comments and any specifics about your problem, I’ll try to get that specific reset for you.  For any of these comments, just use the comment section at the bottom of this page – it is checked regularly.

Samsung Security DVR Default Password

For nearly all Samsung Security DVRs, the default password is 4321.  If it hasn’t been changed since setup, then you can just use that to access the DVR.  The default password is included in the reset procedures for completeness.  If you have changed your password or access code for your Samsung Security DVR since it was setup, or if you changed it during the initial setup, use that password in place of the default password.  The password will be the latest password that was set on the DVR.  If no password has ever been set, then it will be the default.

Steps to Reset your Samsung Security DVR

Samsung Security DVR Reset Procedure #1
  1. Reset the unit to factory by pressing both [MODE] and [PTZ] button for 5 seconds
  2. Then enter the 4321.
Samsung Security DVR Reset Procedure #2
  1. Reset the unit to factory by pressing both [MODE] and [CH2] button for 5 seconds
  2. Then enter the 4321.
Samsung Security DVR Reset Procedure #3

This reset will work on Android based DVRs only.  All steps are performed on the device itself.

  1. Turn the device Off
    Wait 2 minutes
    Press and hold the following buttons

    • POWER,
    • HOME
  2. The unit should power on.  Once it does, you can release power.
  3. Use the volume UP and Down buttons to select “Wipe/Factory Reset” from the recovery menu.
  4. Activate the reset using the HOME button.
    When the DVR goes through it’s setup again, it will be at factory defaults. The password will be 4321.
Samsung Security DVR Reset Procedure #4

This reset will work on SDR models. It may also work on other models.

  1. With just the cameras showing, press the following in quick succession using the remote:
    • Freeze
    • Alarm
    • Freeze
    • Alarm
    • Freeze
    • Menu
    • Enter
  2. Make sure you press them quickly, one after the other.   If it doesn’t work the first time, try doing it several times.  It can take many tries to get the timing right. If/when it works, you should get a screen that gives you the option to reset.
Samsung Security DVR Reset Procedure #5

This reset will work on SDR models where procedure #4 failed.  It may also work on other models.

  1. Press the DVR Button to place the system in DVR Mode
  2. Press:
    • Freeze
    • View
    • Return

As with Procedure #4,  you may need to press Freeze, View, and Return in in quick succession a few times to get it to work.  The timing can be tricky.

These reset procedures cover many Samsung Security DVRs, but not all.  I will add reset procedures to this article as they become available to me.  By design, Security DVRs are made to be secure, and not all of them can be reset by the consumer.  If you have an urgent need related to your Samsung Security DVR, you should contact Samsung directly at their support page Samsung Support, or by calling: 877-349-3149.  For less urgent matters, you can email them directly at Email Samsung Support.  Support is available 7 days a week, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm EST.

  • Joseph Nicholson

    Hi I was sure I knew the admin password but nope. Model sds-p3022 any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • Alex

    I did Freeze Alarm Freeze Alarm Freeze RETURN and it worked.


      this worked for me also

    • Wo_Shit

      Freeze Alarm Freeze Alarm Freeze RETURN

      Worked for me from remote on my Samsung 3040

      Thanks bro

  • GT

    DO NOT CALL the 877 number. These guys will help reset your system (that sequence is well known) but when getting connected to the ddns they will try to remote login on to your computer and take control. They are not Samsung tech support. When I said i wouldn’t allow them to remote in because my machine is a Microsoft Corp machine (employee) the immediately got frazzled and hung up. I called back to gather info and the email he gave me was something random at Gmail.

    Scammers are annoying.

    • Yeah… And they pop up all over the place. I can’t imagine they make much money from that crap. Generally, people reading and posting comments are a bit higher up on the intellect scale than our knuckle-dragging counterparts. Doesn’t seem like a good place to go fishing for marks.

    • Oh, hold on… The 877 number in the article? No – THAT is a real Samsung phone number. I wouldn’t suggest it to you if I didn’t k ow that for certain. Just checked it again checks out. The email domain is

  • NoLimit2Me

    The Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Return worked for me but for those of you that seem to have a remote that isn’t working / responding for you, (SDR B3300N) model, press the ID button. Should be below the #9 button. Look at the screen to see what it says. If it shows something like “I/R Remote 0″ and the value below that is a 1, 2 or 3”, then press the “ID” button and hold it down. While holding ID down, press 01, 02, whichever number it is that you need to match the top # and let go of the ID button. Your remote will now work and allow you to enter the sequence. You can check the batteries real quick by turning on the camera on your phone and put the tip of the remote in front of the camera and press a button. Your camera will see the infrared light and you’ll see it on your phone screen where the naked eye can’t see it. Good luck!!

    • Larry Urban

      This worked with me, thank you!

    • Thank you! Great additional info. I was able to test this and it works.

    • Pritam Persad

      Really helpful!!! Thank you

  • Frank Morales

    Freeze, alarm, freeze, alarm, freeze, return worked for my SDR-C75300… it let me set a new password without completely wiping out the dvr

    • That is excellent information. That k you for sharing it, Frank!

    • Harry Danglers

      Worked for me too!

  • Vineet Gupta

    FORGOT Admin password of Samsung 893p srd Model.
    please help me out of this.

    • That’s what this whole article is about. Did you read the article? We love participation, but.please don’t be lazy. Read the article first and then call on other people to help if the info in the article isn’t enough.

  • kartik

    i have samsung 16 ch dvr whose model no STCSRD1684P. And i forget the admin login password.
    plz tell me how can i reset the dvr password.

    • That is exactly what this article is about. Instead of being lazy and asking, take the time to read the article, which has the instructions you need.

  • Russian Roulette dont Tweet

    I have a Samsung srd-1673d which pulls up “factory restore” when using either
    Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Return or
    Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Menu, Enter.

    I just want to change the password. Has anybody else used either method for just a password reset? I don’t want to lose the data. Thank you.

  • Tom U

    The “Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Return” sequence worked for me.
    (Samsung SDR-B3300N)

  • Michael Griner

    i have a sdr-b74301 and need to reset password. it has no alarm or power button.

  • Kellie Mahoney

    With the reset will you loose footage that has been recorded?

    • Yes. For security reasons, a factory reset, which allows anyone to access the DVR, will erase all existing information. This is by design.

  • Pat Landy

    Setup a Samsung SDR-B74301 and didn’t write down the password. The remote does not have “mode” or “PTZ” . Is there a jumper inside that will reset the password….
    Thanks for any help you can give!
    Pat Landy

    • Pat, no jumper of which I am aware in any Samsung DVRs. However, one of the reset procedures listed above for SDR models should work. Let me know if you have any luck.

      • Pat Landy

        Thanks Michael for the rapid response, unfortunately I have a remote that has “all”, “menu”, “mute”, “Submenu” and “Sel” for an enter button and no “Freeze”, “Alarm”, or “Home” buttons.
        I got the system set up and recording and now I want to modify or at least view the results but everything I try results in the unit requesting a device number and sign in…. Any suggestions?
        Pat Landy

        • The default password is usually 4321. Have you tried that already?

          • Pat Landy

            Yes, seems I am handicapped by the type of remote that came with it. Thought there might be a jumper like in the old PC’s

          • Aaron McCrea

            I have the same exact model, and am also trying to reset to default factory settings… I’ve yet figured out how. 🙁

          • Do you have a remote for it?

  • Jiwan nepal

    Hey none of this is working for my SDE-3000N im on the log on page and it doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Wo_Shit

      Try from your remote control

      Freeze Alarm Freeze Alarm Freeze RETURN

  • Jamie Willumsen

    Hi i have a SDR 1653D but i dont have remote control, is there any other way to factory default the admin code, not bothered about losing footage…… i have also tried the default 4321 and its not a match

    • Jamie, I am not aware of any way to reset a Samsung security DVR without the remote control.

    • Wo_Shit

      Ebay a cheap remote

      • Jamie Willumsen

        I wanted it done 6days ago for a customer to return next day managed to get me hands on a remote and its all sorted, but thanks for the comment i hadnt thought of ebay 😀😀😉

  • Diablo Lucifer

    How about a lorex security DVR? I once conversated with support operator on their website & I was told to type “admin” ..! Well to be honest I didn’t even try because it just didn’t seem like “admin” was all I needed to type​ to resolve my lost password I didn’t even bother unboxing it to try “admin”’” thats all they I got from them I was kinda upset cause it seemed like they were not very supportive at all so I’ve had sitting in a box for some time now. I ran into this particular blog by looking for Panasonic blink codes and when I read “how to reset a Samsung

  • Diablo Lucifer

    How about a lorex security DVR? I’ve been trying to reset my lorex DVR because I can’t remember what my password was, really never had to mess with it since I set it up till recently. Turns out I just couldn’t remember the password so I couldn’t log in to review a certain incident that had occurred, so I didn’t really worry I thought to myself it’ll come to me! Well turns out it never did!! Is it possible for any of these codes to work on a lorex?

  • Ed Champion

    Hi. I am a detective with a law enforcement agency. I’m investigation a burglary at a business. The suspects unplugged the security camera system upon entry into the business. I’m hoping that the suspects are on the recording, however, the owner of the business does not know the password for the system. Will a reset erase the recording? Is there way to save the recording? The unit is a Samsung Digital video recorder model SDR-C75300N. Thanks.

    • By design, resetting the recorder will reset the recordings as well. But you may be able to get around that with a call to Samsung – at least under these conditions.

  • Adrian Silva

    New method for thoughs that dont have freeze alarm keys ……. its up right 5 3 3 fast and lightly when done right it will ask if you want to factory reset

  • Ramirez Misael

    I have the sdr, c76300 but I don’t have the control what can I do?