Reset BIOS Password on HP EliteBook 6930p

Reset BIOS Password on HP EliteBook

Locked out of your HP EliteBook? Just reset the BIOS password.

Locked out of your HP EliteBook? Just reset the BIOS password.

This article will show you how to Reset the BIOS Password on an HP EliteBook.

If you are having a problem using your EliteBook because you cannot remember or don’t know the BIOS password, don’t worry.  Although there are some computers that make resetting or recovering the password impossible, this is not one of them.  There is a procedure for resetting the BIOS password on the HP EliteBook 6930p and similar models.


EDIT: Before going through this procedure, please read the comments below.  Jazz, a Brainchamber Subscriber, has brought to our attention that this procedure is unlikely to successfully clear the BIOS password.  However, he does have an alternate solution that should work for you.  Thanks, Jazz!  -Mike


Shut down the computer. If you are unsure whether the computer is off or in Hibernation, turn the

computer on, and then shut it down through the operating system.

2. Disconnect all external devices connected to the computer.

3. Disconnect the power from the computer by first unplugging the power cord from the AC outlet

and then unplugging the AC adapter from the computer.

4. Remove the battery (see Battery on page 50).

5. Remove the real-time clock (RTC) battery – see the illustration below.

Removing the RTC Battery from the HP EliteBook

Removing the RTC Battery from the HP EliteBook

6. Wait approximately 5 minutes.

7. Replace the RTC battery and reassemble the computer.

8. Connect AC power to the computer. Do not reinsert any batteries at this time.

9. Turn on the computer.

All passwords and all CMOS settings have been cleared.

You should now have access to the computer again without having to enter the BIOS password.

  • Jazz

    This proceedure will not work on an HP 6930p.

    • Michael Hannigan

      Really? How’s that? I’ve done it myself. If you have any specific information, I’d definitely appreciate it.

  • Jazz

    The password is stored in a different place/way on the 6930p and isn’t affected by resetting the BIOS or removing the battery.

    These business elitebooks are fairly secure! I had a laptop to repair where someone had set BIOS passwords but luckily not startup ones. Naturally after it broke they put it to one side and eventually forgot the logins. I ended up installing XP without an drivers or anything, then the HP SSM software, adding a new admin and allowing that admin access to the BIOS.

    To remove the default BIOS admin password though I had to ask HP who were good enough to make a small program that resets the BIOS password and the touchchip memories only.

    I’m not sure what I’d do if there’d been a startup password as well!!

    • Michael Hannigan

      I know you can’t get into the BIOS to reset it, but I had done this successfully on this model in the past. Do you know how the password is stored? If it was merely a coincidence, I’d like to know how it was actually removed. Do you have an alternate method?

    • Michael Hannigan

      For some reason I just saw the last part of your comment. Someone at HP did that for you? You must know people. They’ve never done something like that for me before. That’s cool that they did.

      I apologize for the commenting being messed up but I’m just switching over to Disqus and I don’t have that much control over the import!

      • Jazz Hyde

        I contacted HP through online support and they escalated it for me. I could prove I had the laptop info and as I said to them, I could use it with XP, (without being able to turn on ACPI I couldn’t use Windows 7), so they got back to me after a couple days.

        Searching around the web I found I wans;t the only one to have that problem and in at least 2 other cases people successfully got through their issues with customer support.

        • Michael Hannigan

          That’s really great support. I am finding in general that after hitting a low point, support from manufacturers has been improving over recent years. I’ve seen it personally with Toshiba and Samsung. It is encouraging to hear of your experience. It sounds like HP is seeing the light as well. I really appreciate your input on this. I’ll update the OP to reflect that it’s not likely to work!

  • Michael Hannigan

    Switched to Disqus. Testing import.

  • Frederick Coll

    So, it would be safe to say that if an ebay hp6930p bios was locked out, it would not be fun?

  • chraa

    download bios for your laptop here