Month: June 2013

Four Ways to Right Click on a Mac

  There is no native mouse “right click” functionality on the Mac. In fact, at one time, if you were to say “right click” to a Mac user, they would have told you with no uncertainty that you cannot right click on a mac. That’s because a Mac mouse has traditionally only had one button, […]

Garmin Edge 500 Master Reset

You may have to do a Garmin Edge 500 Master Reset if it isn’t functioning properly.  If any of the conditions below are true, then a master reset is most likely what will be required. Note: If the device is not receiving a satellite signal, you may want to perform an AutoLocate before performing a master reset. […]

How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Firefox

If you need to recover deleted bookmarks in Firefox, you shouldn’t be in too much trouble. If you’ve just done it, then CTRL+Z or going to the bookmarks window, clicking on Organize, and selecting Undo will revert what you just did. But even if you didn’t just delete them, in Firefox you have the ability […]

How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome

If you’ve accidentally deleted your Chrome bookmarks, you may still be able to recover deleted bookmarks in Chrome – at least if you deleted them recently. Chrome contains a single bookmark backup file that is overwritten each time you launch Chrome. So if you don’t realize you deleted it right away, you might be out […]

Removing a Watermark on an Adobe Acrobat PDF

Delete Watermark Object

It’s common to encounter the problem when removing a watermark on an Adobe Acrobat PDF document using the method you expect. There are different ways to create watermarks on PDF documents.  They can be created from within Acrobat, within other programs, or even programmatically.  If they weren’t added as a standard Watermark in a Professional […]

Really Cheap Ways to Stay in New York

I know that you come here looking for information that you haven’t already thought of, so I’m trying to be a little creative. There’s no shortage of information out there that proclaims to tell you about cheap ways to stay in New York, so I have to tell you something different.  I’m not sure if […]

Do I Have to Switch to the New Yahoo! Mail?

Do I have to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail? “Get Erection Strong” vs. “Need Good Erect” To find out how to switch, scroll down. Do I have to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail? YES. You must. Of course you have to. Yahoo is giving you no choice in the matter. But only if […]

Move Email Data to a Different Folder in Eudora

There are a few ways you can move your email data to a different folder in Eudora. There are two steps to this. One is to tell Eudora where you want it to store email from now forward, and the second is to put your existing email in that place. It just so happens that […]

Cannot See Pictures in Eudora Email 7

Cannot See Pictures in Eudora Email 7 If you cannot see pictures in Eudora Email 7, there are several things that could be causing the problem.  There are several variables to consider if you cannot see pictures in Eudora Email 7 because it could be caused by a number of things.  There are various reasons […]

Notebook Does not Power On

My notebook does not power on. Laptop does not power on. I have no power on my laptop or notebook. If your notebook does not respond with either visual or audio signals when attempting to start it, you can use this checklist to rule out the battery or an incomplete shutdown causing the problem. Sometimes […]