Month: May 2013

Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Funds File Amicus in Support of Google in Oracle v. Google Appeal ~pj Updated

The remarkable outpouring of support for Google in theOracle v. Google appeal continues, with a group of well-known innovators, start-ups, and those who fund them — innovators like Ray Ozzie, Tim O’Reilly, Mitch Kapor, Dan Bricklin, and Esther Dyson — standing with yesterday’s group of leading computer scientists in telling the court that Oracle’s attempt […]

EFF Files Amicus Brief in Oracle v. Google Appeal – Finally, Computer Scientists Speak ~pj Updated

An amazing collection of the leading computer scientists in the world have joined together to stand with Google and against Oracle in theOracle v. Google appeal about APIs, and they ask the court to affirm Judge William Alsup’s decision that the Java APIs are not copyrightable. It’s in an amicus brief [PDF] that EFF has […]

Curiosity Finds Dead Rodent on Mars

Look closely at this image. Is the title “Curiosity Finds Dead Rodent on Mars” accurate?  You’ll have to decide, but I can help make it easier with some enhanced images. According to a man in Japan who has been studying the NASA pictures from the Mars Curiosity Rover it’s a rat.  The UFO Sightings Daily […]

Software Freedom Law Center Says Google’s Draft VP8 Cross License is Compatible With FOSS Licensing ~pj Updated

This is important news, because there have been several articles claiming the opposite, and it’s good to be precise and careful. It’s why I waited until the Software Freedom Law Center could tell us whether Google’s VP8 patent cross-license is or is not compatible with FOSS licensing. The short answer is, it is: SFLC, like […]

How to Transfer a Book to Kobo with ADE

The following steps show you how to transfer a book to Kobo with ADE.   1.    Plug in your Kobo eReader to your computer. 2.    Make sure that your Adobe Digital Editions library is open on your desktop computer. 3.    Select “Manage Library” function on your Kobo eReader. 4.    Watch as the Kobo eReader icon […]

Internet Voting Snafu at USRowing

USRowing, the governing body for the sport of rowing in the U.S., recently announced the discovery of likely fraud in one of its leadership elections. Further investigation into this region’s voting resulted in the determination that fraudulent ballots were cast in the Mid-Atlantic election that directly affected the outcome of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of […]

Google Files Appeal Brief and Cross Appeal in Oracle v. Google ~pj Updated 3Xs

Google has now responded to Oracle’s appeal in the Oracle v. Google API copyright case. Plus it adds its own cross appeal. It’s fascinating. We’re working on a text version for you, but in the meantime, I’ll show you the introduction. I’d sum it up like this: The Java API isn’t a work of imaginative […]

Tony Kanaan Wins Indy 500

The 97th Indianapolis 500 (known also as the Indy 500) was won today by 38 year old Brazilian Tony Kanaan in his 12th Indy 500 race. The win came following a restart from a caution flag brought on by Graham Rahal’s Collision with the wall in the 194th lap.  During a close battle between Kanaan […]

How to Transfer Books to a Sony e-Reader

If you have not already done so, download a book from the Reader™ (eBook) Store or from your download books folder. Connect the Reader Digital Book to the computer. Start the Reader Library software. In the left pane of the of the Reader Library software, click to select Library. There are two methods: Drag and […]

IBM Responds to SCO’s Motion Asking for Reconsideration

IBM has filed its response [PDF] to SCO’s motion asking for reconsideration of the Court’s order denying SCO’s motion to reopen theSCO v. IBM case. I have it as text for you. IBM tells Judge David Nuffer that it doesn’t oppose reopening the case at all — in fact it says it should happen. IBM […]