Month: April 2013

Judge Koh’s Order in Apple v Samsung: No Stay on Damages Retrial, Unless…

Judge Lucy Koh has reached a decision [PDF] on going forward on the retrial on damages in Apple v. Samsung. Trial is set now for November 12th, on damages only, same Daubert rulings, motions in limine, discovery disputes, and evidentiary objections ruled on the same as the first trial, meaning if she made mistakes in […]

How to add Album Art to Your Portable Music Device (Windows)

There are 3 possible ways how to add Album Art to your Portable Music Device. Album art may be obtained from the online Music CD database that Windows Media Player uses. Note: Not all music albums have album art available in the online CD database. From the online music store where you purchased your songs or […]

Enabling Full Text Search in Joomla 2.5

There is a “smart search” in Joomla that, for some reason, is not enabled by default with installation.  This “smart search” should index everything on the site and allow you to search locally for all content. To find and enable this, log into the Joomla admin panel, and then go to Extensions>plugin manager and type […]

The Microsoft v. Motorola Order on RAND, as text, plus Some Appeal Issues

I’ve found some materials that I think will help us to put the order [PDF] from Judge James Robart in context, the order setting a RAND rate for Microsoft to pay Motorola. From the materials, particularly this report [PDF] from a conference on patent pools and standards bodies held in Brussels in April, 2012, I […]

How to Set Up Wireless Security on WRT54G2

Note: When setting up or changing your wireless settings it is a good idea to be plugged into the router with your network cable and not your wireless connection. If you are using your wireless connection and make any changes you will lose you wireless connection. Step 1. Open your web browser and input the […]

In a First, Seattle Judge Sets RAND Rate in MS v. Motorola

I did tell you not to be surprised if the judge in Microsoft’s home court in Seattle favored Microsoft in setting a RAND rate for a couple of Motorola standard essential patents in Microsoft v. Motorola. And in fact, he more or less did, in a Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law [PDF, 207 […]

SCO’s Motion To Reopen the Case Is Denied with a Bonk on the Head

SCO’s motion to reopen its case against IBM has just been denied by the US District Court Judge David Nuffer in Utah. And the denial presents SCO with a Catch 22. It can go forward only when the bankruptcy stay is lifted, meaning when *both* parties can present their claims, not just SCO, with IBM […]

Firewall vs Antivirus

A firewall is a program designed to protect your computer against unauthorized intrusion over a network, usually from the Internet. But a firewall on an individual PC can also block intrusions from the local network or LAN. Many firewalls bar known Trojans, viruses, and active hack attempts, but even the best firewalls allow dangerous files […]

How to Set Application to Run in Administrator Mode Windows 8

To avoid inconvenience, some people have disabled UAC (User Account Control) on their computers running Windows 7. This would allow all applications to run as an administrator without additional actions by the user to allow it. When “turning off” UAC in Windows 8, the user is only turning off the notifications, and it results in […]

How to Show or Hide Build Errors in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010

Errors when building project in Microsoft Visual Studio. By default, the Error List will show when there are build errors: You can change this behavior by going to Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> General and deselecting the “Always show Error List if build finishes with errors” checkbox: Related posts: Recover Word Document Saved […]