Month: February 2013

Sorry About Having an Offensive Name that is Inherently Racist

I can’t work because my name is offensive. PART I – THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING BORN WITH BLATENTLY OFFENSIVE NAME I spend my professional life online. Most of what I do is research. This regularly requires going to sites where there is discussion on a particular topic, and in exchange for the small effort of […]

How to Fix Indent or Create a Default Style for Corel Wordperfect X5

First you will want to go to Style View and make a duplicate style from the one you are using (if you are using a “stock style” i.e. one that came with the product). See this tutorial for how to do this: Once you have created a duplicate style based on a stock one […]

How to Correct Errors or Problems Using Matrox MXO2 Products with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

If you are getting an error using a Matrox MXO2 Product, like the MXO2 Mini or MXO2 Rack, with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, it’s most likely because of some recent changes in the way to drivers for the MXO2 Products Interact with the CS6 version of Premiere Pro. The following steps should correct the problem. […]

PayPal Transaction Problems far Worse Than Originally Admitted

While there have been many reports of “Web Payment” issues with PayPal beginning on January 26 in the UK, the problem is far worse than PayPal has admitted. The problems with individual customer payments that PayPal had inaccurately claimed affected only UK users for a few hours, is only the tip of the iceberg. The […]