Month: August 2012

Microsoft® XBOX 360 Tier One Distributors

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You may have found yourself wondering at some point, “Where do Xbox 360 Consoles come from?” or thinking, “I would really like to have a ton of XBOX 360’s” or, “I wish I had an extra console for every time I get the RROD on my 360”. If you ever need an astonishingly large number […]

How to Run TiVo Built-in Diagnostics

These instructions are to initiate TiVo’s built-in diagnostic and/or repair programs called “Kickstarts”. They should only be run when a serious problem has occurred. Running these programs otherwise is NOT recommended and are not necessary…they will not improve TiVo’s performance or act as a preventative measure to avoid problems in the future. In other words, […]

How to Perform an AOL Quick Restore

If you are using Windows XP, 2000, Me or 98, click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type “sinf,” and then click OK. If prompted by a caution window, click OK. 2. Click the AOL Software tab on the left of the AOL System Information window. Note: If you are using ACS […]

How to use your Mac and an Airport as your Wireless Home Internet Gateway

It’s a little known fact about the Mac’s AirPort facility that it acts both ways – both connecting to wireless services but also transmitting its own wireless service. So if you’re connected to the internet via a modem that is linked to your Mac through ethernet (or USB), this means your AirPort facility is most […]

How to Create Recovery Disks for HP Pavilion Elite

This section provides steps for creating the recovery disc set.   NOTE: Use DVD+R discs if your disc drive supports the DVD+R format. CDs and DVD-RW/DVD-RW discs are not compatible with the Recovery Disc Creation program.   NOTE: If drive encryption software is running while creating discs, file verification errors can occur. If you are […]